Friday, Fun Day, Foto Blog

For some reason these photo blog titles just aren’t really coming to me.

This is my retro picture of the week.  It’s June 2003 and all three of my girls were dancing and my dad came up for the recital.  He lived in Colorado until I announced I was pregnant with my third child and he said, Did we ever tell you our plan was to retire to Arizona?  Ummm, nope.

For the third week in a row, Sunshine has chosen to wear this sweater for her picture.  I think I’ve named it her homework sweater because that’s when she seems to wear it.  All.The.Time.  And check out her new glasses that have helped with her headaches, to make them better not worse.Someone’s a sad panda because I would not buy her this hat/scarf/mittens.  Seriously, what’s going on here?  And someone please notice the headphones she wears around her neck all the time like she’s some kind of DJ.  Does she think a jam session is going to break out at Walgreens and she’s going to need those headphones?  Actually, I have no idea what she thinks.
  Tenderheart was sick two days this week, although on this day she stayed home she wasn’t as sick as she claimed and she’s wearing Molly’s collar.  Yeah, she scammed me out of my whole day on Monday.

I wonder why kids think it’s hilarious to lay on random beds at the store.  I used to go to a store with my grandma that had giant bras.  It was an entire store full of bras and there was a 50 foot bra hanging up across the ceiling of the store.  I did not feel the need to try on every bra in the store, but for some reason, my kids felt the need to lay on every bed we walked by.  Yeah, we weren’t even bed shopping.

Buford is laying on the bench I rescued from our neighbors across the street.  The woman was going to walk over and ask if we wanted it, but her boyfriend said we wouldn’t want their junk, however, about 5 seconds after they put it on the curb, my girls went over and got it.  Then I covered it with the fabric I used to do my dining room chairs and it looks perfect.  I’m not above someone else’s junk.

Molly’s sleeping on the floor in my office.  This was the rare occasion I wasn’t rubbing her belly while I watched other dogs on the computer.  Man, I need a life.

Molly is a border collie/lab and has a herding problem, herding not hoarding.  She loves for dogs/cats/people to go exactly where she wants them to go.  Not so much people who are standing up, but when the girls get on the floor with her, she starts herding them around.  She herded Buford into her kennel with her new bed for a little spoon time.  Yeah, I’m sure it’s all innocent until Buford acted like he was shot out of a cannon once he could get up.

Hey, Buford, check out my new bed!

So I guess that was my week, this is my life.  And I know that guy from Monday was being nice, but my brake light isn’t actually out.  I wonder if he really was trying to pick me up in all my unshowered glory.   I guess we’ll never know now!


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