They Call it Puppy Love for a Reason

Nobody, and I mean NOBODY seemed all that interest in my This Means War movie review yesterday.  So, let’s move on, shall we?

In my quest to give up gossip blogs for Lent, I have taken to going to the Dumb Friends League’s website a million times a day to look at puppies that need to be adopted, but that I don’t want and/or need, except I really want them, all of them.  Just look at them!!  What’s wrong with me?  Do I really just want a super cute puppy to love?  Yes!  But don’t I already have a super cute puppy to love?  Yeah, I do.  Is nothing ever enough?  Nope.

Just Look at that Face!!

Moonshine went through a period where she had to have something new to love every week it seemed like.  A fish, a mouse, a bunny, a hamster, anything that breathed and relied on her for food and water, she wanted it to love her.  She wanted to be a vet until she realized they didn’t just play with puppies all day.  It was a rude awakening.  You have to stick a what up a where? 

After a lot of begging, I finally broke down and got Moonshine a puppy, Molly, and she’s Moonshine’s to love and feed and bathe and take care of every single day. 

Look at those puppy dog eyes. Moonshine’s, not Molly’s.

I mean, we help occasionally, but Molly is her main responsibility.  Moonshine has to get up with her every morning, even weekends, and she’s responsible for feeding her.  It turned out I was opening a can of worms because right after Moonshine got Molly, Sunshine wanted a kitten.  Good Lord, here we go.  We ended up with two dogs, two cats, three kids, and one overwhelmed single mom.

I made the flippant comment that we needed to reduce our pet population by 0.5 and through a series of unfortunate events, we are currently down to one dog and one cat.  I guess you do need to be careful what you wish for, although I’m still wishing every day for that handyman I talked about on Monday.  Mmmmm…..

Back to Molly, she really is the sweetest dog we could have ever hoped for and although she’s chewed the plug off of three, count them, three lamps, we’ve learned that she’s really smart, but shouldn’t be left unsupervised.  She likes to lay under my desk when I’m blogging working and I rub her belly with my foot.  I like to tell people we rescued her, but she was a three-month-old puppy at the pound, there was a line of people behind us waiting to adopt her, we just got there first. 

She’s a border collie/lab and really smart, but if you ever look at a pet rescue website, you’ll realize that border collies and labs are sluts.  EVERYTHING is a border collie mix or a lab mix, but especially those labs.  Come on, people, as Bob Barker would say…Barker, heehee, I just got that….let’s spay or neuter our pets, but especially your labs because those sluts get around.  I just saw on FaceBook that a friend did a DNA test on her dog and it’s a Dachshund/Lab.  I can’t even imagine the logistics of how that happened.  And eventually, isn’t there just going to be one dog type left because everything is so mixed?

And what is it about dogs that make them so freakin’ cute?  I follow another blogger and she takes her dogs to daycare and posts the link to the daycare camera for her followers to watch.  It’s hilarious because people comment all day on what the dogs are doing and whether they can see her dogs or not.  I’ll have to be honest when I say I’ve clicked on that camera and watched other people’s dogs play.  What is that about?  I’m sitting at my desk, rubbing my dog’s belly with my foot, watching other people’s dogs play.  I’m sure I’ve painted quite the picture, it’s no wonder I don’t have a man.



  1. Lucky you! It really is a crap shoot, ya know…the puppy thing. (no pun intended) We’ve gotten a great one—and a couple of lemons. and while we are trying to make lemonade over here, Congrats on your Super cute Puppy!!

    • Hahaha, I’m a bragger!! And I’m sitting here working while rubbing her belly under my desk.

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