Make Love, Not War

This is my 250th post where I tell you 250 obscure things about myself.  How excited are you?

Number one.  I’m actually going to do another review first.  I’ll remind you that my scale is Your Baby’s Ugly and by “baby”, I mean movie; and by “ugly”, I mean terrible.

You might be surprised (or not) to learn that I have not read a book since The Lucky One, and my Hunger Games trilogy review with spoilers isn’t quite ready; so I’m going to have to go back to the movies.  I love movies.  Sunshine and I were going to Midnight Movie Madness, which is actually just going to the last movie of the night after my cousin’s twins were in bed and we made it an event.  It sounds fancy, right?, but there’s nothing coming out this week that we both want to see.

She’d like to see Act of Valor, but I’m not much for war movies after Saving Private Ryan almost sent me to bed for months because it was so freakin’ sad.  Sunshine’s friend Mariska brought over The Hurt Locker, and while that was really good, I just think I might not like war movies.  Needless to say, but I’m going to, war is really sad and I like to live in a bubble like none of that goes on.

My idea of a war movie?  This Means War.  Yup, that’s what I saw.  I went with my friend, Anna, and we started at Qdoba.  I am on a quest to get my 10th burrito free so I made her use my Qdoba card because it counts towards me.  I’m just almost there.  I love Qdoba and their queso.

The first sign that something was wrong with the movie was that it wasn’t very crowded at 7:30 on opening night.  Let me go back.  This is the Reese Witherspoon movie with Tom Hardy and Chris Pine where she’s dating both of them and it turns out that the guys are actually co-workers, friends, and spies.  Oh, the problems to have.  Gosh, I’d hate to have to decide between Tom Hardy and Chris Pine, that would be so hard I couldn’t even stand it.  *sarcasm*

Actually, I wasn’t sold on Tom Hardy.  That is, until I saw the movie and then, Oh my!  I had seen him in Inception, but don’t get me started on that movie.  Inception was one of the things that I think was good but only because people told me it was good, I don’t think I actually liked it.  Although give me Joseph Gordon-Levitt any day of the week.  So between JGL and Leo DiCaprio, I didn’t quite notice Tom Hardy in Inception as much as I should have, but this movie more than made up for it.  And what can you say about Chris Pine, he’s Captain Kirk.  Yeah, I can make a Star Trek reference when needed.

So Reese Witherspoon, who apparently has found the fountain of youth has Tom Hardy and Captain Kirk fighting over her and there’s a lot of, Oh no, what shall I do?  I know, let’s have a sex tie-breaker.  All first world problems here.  And no spoilers, but she does end up with someone or everyone dies.  You’ll have to watch it to find out.  You’ll also have to tell me what you thought of Chris Pine’s eyebrows.  I mean, he’s a good-looking guy, but I feel like they should have their own imdb page after this movie.

It was one of those movies where there were a lot of really close shots and there was also the obligatory raunchy friend that everyone apparently needs to have.  I think either I don’t have one of them, or I AM one of them; I just don’t know.

So all in all and keeping with my ugly baby scale, Your Baby’s Decent.  I almost said doable, but that just sounded terrible.  And then I said it anyway, I just can’t seem to stop myself.  So, while I wouldn’t see it again, and it wasn’t curing cancer, it was the light, funny movie I needed to see.  It had action, romance, and Tom Hardy and Chris Pine, really, what else do you need?  Eye candy, it had a lot of eye candy that I don’t seem to see sitting at my desk blogging working.  And seriously, can Reese Witherspoon just age or something?  She’s making the rest of us look bad.

And I actually have something nice to say about the movie theater.  There were no children!!  What?  7:30 on a Friday night, where were all the parents who couldn’t find sitters that I found in The Vow, Paranormal Activity 3, and The Woman in Black?  Well, apparently they decided to skip this one because our crowd was awesomely quiet, as they should be.



  1. I still can’t decided if I wanna see this movie…with your “baby’s decent” rating, I’m not rushing out, that’s for sure. The only reason I would is because of Chris Pine. He’s the reason I watched Star Trek (twice) and one of the reasons why I own Princess Diaries 2. I’ve discovered I have a thing for eyebrows.

    • Well, if you have a thing for eyebrows, then this movie is for you!!

      Did Cindi tell you our next Midnight Movie Madness is 21 Jump Street?? I’m so excited!

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