Just Another Manic Monday

A man pulled up beside me today and honked. I rolled my window down and thought, Awwwww, yeah, I’m looking hot in my sweatshirt and pony tail. I slowly looked over so he could take me in in all my unshowered glory and I said, Hey! He said, Hey lady, your tail light’s out. It was actually really sweet because he didn’t have to do that and I would have probably gotten a ticket. Then I relayed a shortened version of the story to Sunshine and she said, Oh, yeah, I meant to tell you that. So who knows how long it’s been out or how long it’s going to be out before I fix it.

There are very specific times I don’t like being single. I’m going to recap them for my new reader. Any type of church function, when it snows, mowing the lawn, repairing anything in the house, when a pet dies, or something needs to be fixed on my car. Mostly I’m happy being single. I mean, let’s not go so far as to say “happy”, but content that I am where I am and am enjoying my life. Until something needs to be fixed and then I whine about how I need a man…a handyman that is.

When my step-dad comes up here and I give him a million projects to do, he always says, That’s why you need a man. Well, I don’t want the girls to think they can’t do things on their own, but there’s a line between not being able to do anything and doing everything on your own. I was raised by a strong single woman who was able to fix things so even when I was married, I was the one who put all the kids’ toys together because although the monkey did have opposable thumbs, he didn’t have patience. I also became the one in the relationship that did everything because I got sick of waiting on him to do anything, thus taking away any chance I had at a damsel in distress role. Now, I do still call him for pet crises, but everything else is all on me.

Sunshine is learning this lesson the hard way. She’s not your typical girl. She gets so mad at those girls in school that whine and pretend they can’t do anything. There’s this one girl we saw last night and Sunshine said, I can’t stand her, she acts like a child. And I said, What do you mean? She said, All the boys like her, but she whines and talks baby talk all the time.

See, I would find that annoying, but apparently guys in high school fall for that crap. And I remember standing over my car looking at the engine and saying, Now, how many Vs does it have again? It was a V8. What an idiot! And that tool I was with (not Shmawn Schmooke) was eating it up. I think guys like to take care of someone. And don’t get me wrong, I like to be taken care of, but how do you convey that without looking like a frail girl who can’t do anything for herself? I guess that’s the balance I haven’t found yet.

Sunshine has two boys that are sniffing around, which is a terrible term, but I used it anyway. Sue me. One, I don’t care for, but would never tell her because it just pushes her more towards him. I actually really have nothing against him, it’s just that all boys her age seem to be more….let’s say experienced than her, which does not mean more mature. I keep telling her to go for the cute nerd or the history tutor, those are going to be your best bets, but you seriously can’t tell teenagers ANYTHING. I’ll be glad when they realize I’m not an idiot. I know it’s going to happen eventually, but it can’t come soon enough because it’s really starting to hit me where it hurts, my ego.

The second boy that likes her is a senior so I know he’s not going to be around long, which is nice, but she told me this whole thing stresses her out and she’s not ready to date either boy because she has so much going on right now. She has a lot of boys that are friends, but she said most of them are annoying if you spend too much time with them. Let’s be honest, boys mature slower than girls, if at all. Sunshine’s music teacher told me one day that Sunshine is more than this school. That she’s a late bloomer, but she’s going to be one of those that goes to college and you don’t recognize when she comes back. She said that the boys in this school are going to think, How did that happen?

And I hope it’s true. I’m just really proud that she’s not dumbing herself down to get herself a boy because God knows she has plenty of time for that. And I pray every day that He’s picked out the perfect one for her.

Update from the blogger:   Between the time I wrote this and the time it published, Sunshine was asked out by Boy #2 and she said yes.  Now, I have no idea where they’re going, but this all led to a very awkward breakfast table conversation that was sort of a follow-up to the birds and bees in practical times and ended with a lot of ears covered and lalalalalalas.  Hopefully, at least the part about respecting yourself came through loud and clear.  They would be mortified to know I blog any of this.

Now, about my handyman…..

How convenient, he's already at my house!!



  1. Whitney

    Wow.. that’s a great ocean view you have in Aurora!! LOL! You can ask at Auto Zone if they will help you with your tail light. They often will! Enjoy your blogs!! I still think you could write for a living…

    • Awww…thanks! I wish I could make a living doing it for sure!

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