Weekly Wrap-up in Pictures

I still need to work on that title. Maybe Wordless Wednesday is the way to go.  Who am I kidding, I would never be able to be wordless.  I can talk my way through any photo blog.

This is me in October 1997 on Liberty Island in front of the World Trade Center buildings.  I was pregnant with Moonshine.  I don’t know why I went so far back in time for this one.

Here is Sunshine in the hat she made off a YouTube video. The one I made was way too big even for my giant head.

I just realized Sunshine is wearing that exact sweater in last week’s Pix Only blog.  Let’s just say she wears it A LOT.

Here is Moonshine looking like the sweet little girl I raised and not the sociopath I talked about yesterday.

Here are Tenderheart and Moonshine at Sunshine’s performance the night of Parent/Teacher Humiliation Part 17.

My amazing cousin Cindi turned 40 this week.  You could read her blog on my sidebar if she ever updated.Here is who hangs out with me all day.

It's Molly!

Here’s what she really does all day.

Here is the only one in the house that still uses the piano.

We had to take our cat to a no-kill shelter this week to be fixed and re-adopted. She was really sick and I just couldn’t afford to take care of her.  She was a really sweet cat when she wasn’t fighting with Buford.

Callie the Calico

Well, that was my week. What’d you do?


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