Sh%t Bloggers Say

So I know this is out of date and we’ve moved on to the thinking posters, and I’m nothing if not up with the times; but I’m going to do this anyway.

He is not talking about me

Sh*t Bloggers Say

And by “say”, I mean think because bloggers don’t really “say” anything. See how clever I think I am.

Why is no one commenting?

Where are my stats?

Why is no one reading?

Should I be doing something besides blogging right now?

I wish those kids would get their own dinner.

I wish I had something interesting to write about.

Maybe I should make something up.

I might do a list of things that I think are interesting but really aren’t.

Why does that blogger seem like she’s got it all together?

Women that write about how everything goes right for them and have no problems are annoying.

How do I make money doing this?

Why is no one commenting??

Where are my stats?

What the hell am I going to say today?

How long before my blog archives itself from non-use?

I wish I had a more interesting life.

Why am I not a writer?

How do I make money off this crap?

Why is no one commenting??

Does this stuff just go through my head?

Kids, please give me five minutes so I can update my blog.

Why can I not think of anything clever to say?

This is so interesting.

I’ll bet no one else thinks this is interesting.

I’m so original.

I’m not original at all.

Where are my stats?

Why is no one commenting!?!

I need a real job.

Does anyone make money doing this?



  1. MB

    Still not commenting.

  2. Here is your comment.

    • You’re the best, Faith!

  3. Cari

    “what title should I give this post?”

    Btw, this post was aptly named. Well done.

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