The Lucky One Indeed

I’m on my second whole book review.  I half-ass reviewed The Hunger Games, but I have a much more detailed one I’m working on because I ended up reading all three books very quickly, devoured them really.  I think I’m ready for the movie now, but I have to get those books out of my head.

After seeing the trailer for The Lucky One at the movie last week, I decided I was going to read Twilight again.  Just kidding, I read The Lucky One in two days.  You know what my problem is?  Probably not.  I get obsessive about things.  Working out (although not lately), reading, crocheting, embroidery, random hobbies; I don’t seem to be able to do anything half-ass, except Hunger Games book reviews apparently.  I can’t explain it, but something clicks and boom, I’m working out crocheting my entire day away making hats I’m never going to wear.

The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks and starring Zac Efron and the girl from Mercy I didn’t care for.  She’s truly the lucky one in this movie.  Oh My!First, I have trouble reading/watching things where law enforcement takes advantage of their power.  While I’m sure it happens, I like to believe in the good in people and I get so nervous about it for some reason.   Second, I had no problem envisioning Zac Efron as the main character, Logan Thibault.  Mmmmmm…no more high school musical for that guy, he’s definitely graduated.  That sounded really creepy.  Sorry.

The first thing I knew when I started reading this book is, it’s Nicholas Sparks so you know someone’s going to die, although, no spoiler, but I feel like he’s backed off a little on killing main characters.  For instance, in Message in a Bottle, he had no problem killing Kevin Costner, but in Dear John, he killed a random character and ended up with a happy ending.  I’m really sorry if I spoiled those two for you, but come on, read a little rent a movie.   And don’t even get me started on who died in The Notebook, although that was different from the movie and the book.

And in the movie The Lucky One, I can already tell from the trailer that there are going to be some differences.  The gist of the story is that Logan Thibault is a soldier in Iraq/Afghanistan and he finds a picture that he finds to be a lucky charm through his three tours of duty.  So much so that another soldier sort of follows him around because he thinks Logan’s lucky.  At the end of his tours his friend talks him into going to find the girl and pay it forward so to speak.  Well, in the book, he found the picture while jogging early one morning; but in the trailer, it’s the middle of the day and he walks over to pick up the picture and where he was previously standing immediately got bombed.  I suppose that’s a more visual way to show how lucky the picture is. 

Anyway he ends up walking from Colorado to North Carolina to find her and I feel like it’s a little Forrest Gump-y.  But I’m not spoiling anything to say that he finds her, the movie would be much shorter if he didn’t.  Then we have to find out why her picture was there, why her life has been tragic, and why her ex-husband is such a d-bag.  We find out all of that, but you’ll have to either read the book or watch the movie. 

I’ve been reading Young Adult fiction lately and you know what that means, no sex.  This book definitely had sex, but wasn’t a Harlequin by any stretch of the imagination.  In fact, the sex in the trailer is a whole lot more detailed than any scene Mr. Sparks wrote.  I’m interested to see the movie and see if they go the way of My Sister’s Keeper and kill someone different, or keep true to the story. 

Although, I have to say, when the book ended I found myself cursing Mr. Sparks a little, literally.  I actually said out loud, Damn you, Nicholas Sparks!  I’m very dramatic IRL too.  But it was odd because it felt like the book was over, but there was a Two Months Later Epilogue where we found out who actually died.  As if an editor said, Yeah, that was too sad, let’s happy it up a little; and he did, but it was a little disjointed for me.

All in all, Your Baby’s Cute.  It’s not curing cancer, but was a good light read.  Not much of a thinker and I could totally see you (not really you, but you in general) reading it at the pool or on the beach or somewhere you want to kill time, getting your oil changed, for instance.  Although, read it wherever you want, these are just suggestions.


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  1. Rebbie Nkashama

    You are definitely a mom that can blog !! I really like the way you have depicted The Lucky One !! 3 clics on Amazon and now it is mine !! Can’t wait to devour The Lucky One !! Thanks Christy

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