Text Signatures Making a Comeback

Last week on Valentine’s Day my friend rhymes with Bamber posted on her FB that she hadn’t even gotten a text that said Happy VD, so I thought I’d be cute and text her and tell her I missed her since we haven’t talked in a while. 

Me:  Happy Valentine’s Day! I miss you!

Bamber:  Who dis?

Me:  Don’t make me fake break up with you…. This is Christy, is this Bamber?

Bamber David: No, My name is David – not even close.  Sorry.  But Happy Valentine none the less.

Me:  Oh hello.  So sorry!!

David:  No sorry.  say congrats – i just got engaged!  (Me I couldn’t make this stuff up.)

Me:  Haha. Congrats!  Good luck to you.

David:  Thank you! 2nd time but this is the real deal.

Me:  Hopefully 2nd time’s the charm!  Lucky girl.  Girl? (you never can tell.)

David:  Woman – we’re 40.

Here’s where I Facebooked Bamber and said I’d texted her, but met David who’s going to be my new best friend.

Me to Bamber:  So David, your old phone number, just texted me that he got engaged and I thought it was you.

Bamber:  Haha I know he texted me too.

Me:  Wait what?  You know David?

Bamber:  No, but I texted him after you wrote that on my FB page.

Now, I’ve had my same cell phone number since the invention of the cell phone, or like 1996.  Seriously, if you have ever called my cell phone, you have my cell phone number unless you’ve changed your phone a million times and I haven’t made the cut.  In fact, the monkey, who’s changed his cell phone number about 9918592 times, used to have one digit off of mine.  I’d get weird calls sometimes and you could tell someone had just misdialed.  I should call the guy who has that number now to see if he’s still getting some action off of it.

I just realized this is one of those situations where a text signature would have been perfect.  Don’t I feel sheepish.
And good luck to my new best friend, David, wherever you are!


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