My First Retro Weekend Blog

I’ve been reading back some of my older posts since I’ve been doing this since 2008, and I decided I think I’m really funny. 

Actually, I’m not, but maybe my new reader(s) might not want to go back and read every story of my whole life, so I’m going to do a retro weekend post.  Trust me, this is going to be fun!

This is from November 19, 2009, and the title really speaks for itself.  I know it’s not Monkey Bashing Thursday, but it’s a random post, I can’t control it.

Don’t Let Your Anger Do the Blogging

I’m an emotional person (thanks, mom), and if I was a drinker I would totally be a drunk dialer.  The real issue I’m having is not being an angry blogger.  It’s my version of drunk dialing because I’m mad more than I’m drunk, since I’m not a drinker as a rule.  But that’s a whole other blog.  

Because I’m such an emotional person:  Look, I’m angry blogging.

I got a call tonight from my middle daughter at 8:25 that her dad hadn’t picked her and her sister up from church.  Church is over at 8:15 and they usually come out at 8:20; but at 8:25, no monkey.  I’ve made him a schedule, I’ve printed him SEVERAL copies because he can’t seem to get anything straight and really he’s only responsible for three things a week when I’m at school, don’t hurt yourself. 

One of the things is taking Kasey and Lindsey to church on Wednesdays at 6:45 and picking them up at 8:15.  When I started school it was really important that I didn’t take them out of church because they like going so much, and I’ve said before that our lives are so much better since we’ve been involved.  She called and called (they only have his cell phone number) and she finally got ahold of him at 8:30.  He said he was almost there.  I kept her on the phone with me until he got there and several people from the church, on their way out, made sure they had a ride coming.  8:35, no monkey yet, but he’s on his way, right?

I know, and you know now, that since he moved ONE STREET OVER he’s at least 25 minutes away because I can’t make it in less than 25, maybe 20 if I’m running late for church.  8:40, still no monkey.  If he’s running late the maximum is 8:30, right?  Because running late is leaving at 8:00 when they get out at 8:15, but that still puts you there at 8:25.  Kasey said it sounded like he was running down the stairs when she talked to him at 8:30, so that’s not running late, that’s forgetting what time, right?

Lest you think I’m not fair, let me just say that I’ve forgotten them before.  Not forgotten THEM, but I’ve gotten the time mixed up.  In my head I was thinking 6:15 to 8:45 and I’ve gotten a call and had to run out the door apologizing profusely to my three beautiful daughters that I got the time mixed up in my head and I’m so sorry, for them to please forgive me.  Luckily they learn about that so they’ve been very forgiving. 

However, when the monkey picks them up after forgetting the time, he tells them he was running behind because he had to stop for gas.  This is at 8:55 when he finally showed up.  Kasey started calling him at 8:25, couldn’t get ahold of him until 8:30, and he picks her up at 8:55.  That’s the 25 minutes it takes to get to where your kids have been waiting in the cold, you tool.   They’re 11 and 9, they’re not idiots, and they told me they know he lied and wonder why he didn’t just tell the truth.  I wonder that myself.

When I reminded them of the time that I was late to get them because of the time mix up in my head, they said, “yeah, but at least you admitted it and said you were sorry, you didn’t lie”.    The part that really pissed me off is that he wouldn’t answer when I called or texted him either because he’s a giant coward.  And I  know we’re not supposed to hate, but he makes it really hard not to hate him.

I shouldn’t even publish this because I’m going to get the, do you really think it’s best to keep him in their lives when he keeps hurting them?, and the answer is, I have no idea.  Kasey and Lindsey would like me to find them a new ride to church, but that may have just been their anger talking.  This is my anger blogging.


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