Fun Times Friday!

I haven’t been catching up with other people’s blogs lately because I guess I’ve been busy. Busy doing what? I have no idea unless it’s busy taking naps, procrastinating, and not working out. I could tell I haven’t been reading other people’s blogs when I checked in on one of my favorites and they were getting divorced. I was sad to hear that, but immediately started reading all of last year to see if I could find where it all went wrong. It reminded me of when my dad got sick and he went from being fine to dead in like a month. This has nothing to do with that particular blogger, but you’ll see where I’m going in a minute.

So my dad died on a Saturday and when we went to church on Sunday, a guy in the parking lot all upbeat asks my stepmom, Hey, where you been hiding Charlie, I haven’t seen him in forever? *crickets* Ummm, yeah, he passed away yesterday. That poor guy had been out of town and didn’t even know he’d been sick. I don’t think I’ll ever forget the look on that guy’s face. Anyway, it just means that things change and I’ll never stop reading my favorite blogger again.

And I like to read other people’s blogs and steal ideas get inspiration. Some people do Wordless Wednesday where they only post pictures and I’ve seen Photo Friday, fun stuff like that. In my quest to get daily themes for this sucker, I’m going to start having Photo Phriday or Foto Friday, I haven’t quite worked out the alliteration I like best.

I have a little catching up to do and this is already more words than I want to use, but here goes:

This is Moonshine when she discovered we were sitting behind talkers in The Woman in Black. She looks thrilled.

Here is Sunshine making a CHILL PARTY IDEALLA from Daily Grace. It’s basically party mix, sour cream, chili, cheese, and tortillas. And although I always sometimes think Daily Grace’s cooking segments are a joke, it was actually pretty good. Don’t look at the counter in the back, I obviously need to work on my framing.

Here is Tenderheart, yes, I have a third daughter I never talk about, in our new $10 chair for the gameroom eating junk food for our Super Bowl Commercial viewing party. I know most of you tuned in for the game, but we fast forwarded through the game and watched only the commercials. Go Patriants!

Here are Molly and Buffy getting in some cuddle time. Some days when I’ve been up late and don’t have any early morning work, I come home after taking the girls to school and get back in bed with Molly. It’s a terrible habit I need to get out of, but that new electric blanket is just so darn warm. On the day this photo was taken, Molly ran ahead and found Buffy already in her spot. It looks friendly enough, but there’s something menacing about that hug.

This is what happens to the downstairs toilet when you try to fix the upstairs toilet using dish soap. It gets a little sudsy.

And here is the video if you want to try the Chill Party Idealla. It was delightful.


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