Starting Tomorrow, No Procrastinating

I am a procrastinator.  In fact, while writing this, I’m actually supposed to be doing something else. 
I’ve found that I can avoid doing any number of things, school, work, laundry, cleaning my room, parenting, cooking dinner.  I have to tell you something I’m very much enjoying,  Sunshine can drive.  Have I told you Sunshine is driving?  I’m sure I have.  According to our state law, she can’t drive her friends around for 6 months, which I love, but last week when I came home from the dentist, the one from Little Shop of Horrors, it was so nice to just have Sunshine and Moonshine go pick up dinner for themselves.  Many times I’ve just sent Sunshine to the grocery store to pick up milk or something I’ve forgotten.  LOVE.IT.  What did I do before I had a teen driver?  Oh, I know, I had to go a lot more places.  Now, my ultimate plan on becoming a complete recluse has almost come to pass.

The monkey gave Sunshine a car for her birthday and it’s cute.  It was previously his older daughter’s and it’s like a ’90 something Buick.  The best I can say is the stereo works and it runs.  It’s a perfect first car.

So the monkey called me a couple of weeks ago and told me some random guy could put in a new stereo for her — I just realized I seem to complain about the monkey on Thursdays.  I think my weekly themes are coming together, Monkey Bashing Thursdays!  Anyway, he called, some random guy, new stereo, etc.  He said that we could take it over to this guy and he could put it in, but could I pay $60 for the installation?  Through my mind went so many things. 

First of all, I said before, the stereo works.  Now, the electric lock on the driver side doesn’t work, she has to sit on a pillow, it needs new tires, the back passenger door doesn’t open, and I’m sure the air conditioner doesn’t work.  Second, I am sans job, I have to pay the insurance for a 16-year-old driver, thankfully girl, because boy insurance is so much higher; and I also am responsible for the tags and registration every year.   That car doesn’t need a new stereo, it needs a new car. 

Now, don’t get me wrong, I can’t even tell you how thankful I am she has that car.  When it doesn’t snow, she drives herself to school and home after rehearsal, she just got herself a babysitting gig that she drives herself to, the car has been a godsend.  The point is, it doesn’t need a new stereo and if you need something to spend your money on, I have a water bill that needs a-payin’ or you can just apply it to my astronomical car insurance I have to pay every month.  It’s just frivolous in a time where we don’t need any frills.

It takes me back about 17 years to when Mr. Instant Gratification wanted a boat.  We didn’t own a house, we were renting, but he wanted a boat.  We had bills, we were both terrible money managers, and I had credit card debt that had finally caught up to me.   I’ll do another blog later on how you shouldn’t have credit cards until you’re like 35.   I told him, No boat!  But on the day the credit card company took my entire paycheck, I came home to find a boat in our garage.   Then, on a fishing trip soon after, the boat that didn’t have a proper trailer, hit the pavement and sparked causing it to catch on fire.  It burned to nothing in the middle of the highway while the park ranger wondered why these idiots were out there with a boat on the wrong kind of trailer.  Oh, and I was also like 7 months pregnant at the time.  There went the boat we didn’t need.

And I’m sure since she only drives that car to the high school with a bunch of 15-18-year-old delinquents, the stereo is really going to come in handy, or fetch a good price in a pawn shop; but I might be cynical.  And I guess he didn’t need my $60 for installation because he’s having that sucker installed with no money from me.  Then they had to keep it an extra day to put in the remote start.  Seriously?  Did I tell you Sunshine’s 16 and should probably be starting her own car if she wants it warm?  And actually most days, I leave 10 minutes before she does so I start it, but that’s beside the point.  Next, he’s going to be painting flames on the side when we really just need it to get from point A to point B. 

When he called to tell me what else he was having done to it, I asked about some practical things like tires and registration and he said he’d try to get her some used ones and figure out something when the registration is due.  I’m just really glad his money management has gotten better.  *rolls eyes out of head*  I’m mostly just glad he’s not my problem anymore.

Update from the blogger:  Turns out this car stereo is one that you have to take the face out of the car every time so it doesn’t get stolen, and so far she’s forgotten to take it to her car every single day.  Money well spent, my friend.



  1. I am a procrastinator also. It means we are perfectionists.
    I love monkey bashing thursdays, and I mean that in the most loving supportive Christian way.

  2. heidi

    I’m just glad that you got rid of your monkey. I am still working on getting rid of mine!! And monkey-bashing Thursdays are great, keep it up 🙂

    • I’m sorry, that’s really hard. I just decided one day that I’d rather be miserable and alone than miserable and lied to every single day of my life. And I’m absolutely NOT miserable alone so it’s a win-win in my situation. Message me if you want to talk, I’m a good advice giver, but a terrible advice taker!

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