Sunshine Almost Always Makes Me High

Can you believe I’ve been doing this blog since 2008?  Yeah, me neither.

I really like blogging.  I feel like I already overshare with people I know but sometimes to get something out of my head, I have to blog it.   Unfortunately, once I blog it in my head, it’s usually gone, which means if I get distracted while writing it then I completely forget what I was going to say as in the case of the Was it Good for You? blog I did last week.

Sunshine is involved in theater thanks to me.  Yeah, I said it.  Actually thanks to her friend, which you can read about HERE.  I said in that post that I didn’t care how she got involved, I was just happy that she was.  Her school has a really good theater program and an awesome drama teacher.  Sunshine has really flourished and I’m not being biased (I probably am).  I wonder how things would have gone if she hadn’t been so involved.  Would she have gotten caught up with MaryJane, which you can read about HERE?  I’m thankful every day she had a friend that went another path because MaryJane is completely off the rails.

I took some of Sunshine’s friends to see other high school plays for them to do reviews for theater class and this is where I started wondering if I was a good judge on what’s good or not.  Like is Sunshine’s school’s theater department really good or do I just really like those kids and I can see how hard they’re working?  Is Sunshine really that great or am I just amazed that she can memorize so many lines?  And then sitting in a high school production of Hairspray with the poor Tracy Turnblad that couldn’t sing at all, I wondered if her parents were sitting there cringing as I was or proudly impressed that their daughter could sing and memorize all those lines.  I just don’t know. 

And to be honest, it’s not like Sunshine’s going to do this for a living, just as she wasn’t going to be a professional dancer; but my theory has always been it keeps her off the streets.  And isn’t that what everyone hopes for. 

I know you want a run down, so here goes!

Freshman year, she was a plate: 

Beauty and the Beast


Sophomore year, she was a Jet:

West Side Story

This year she was Chava, the second daughter.  It was the first year she had lines and she also sang Matchmaker and ran off with a Russian.:

Fiddler on the Roof

And it was the first year she made the play, which was The Chronicles of Narnia.  She was the White Witch:

The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe

 I have iPhone video but WordPress won’t allow me to upload it. 
And now there’s another play she wasn’t going to do because it interfered with tennis, but her theater teacher asked her to try out, her tennis coach said they’d work around it, so she did and got the part of the main character’s daughter:

Looks just like her if you ask me.

 You probably feel like I’m just blowing Sunshine up your butt, but come back soon for the, She’s really not that great blog when I talk about how snotty she is.  Good times.



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  1. That is awesome! It must be amazing to watch your daughter on stage! I’d love it for one of my kids to be on stage! I also love it when our kids live vicariously through us! 🙂

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