What’s the Complete Opposite of Sunshine?

Moonshine and I went to 8th Grade Parent Night at Sunshine’s high school this last week.  It’s completely surreal to me that I currently have a Junior in high school, but even more so that I will have a Senior and Freshman next year *knock wood*.  We are in the district but not in that school zone so we have to do open enrollment.  I like the high school, I like the IB program, I would LOVE to have at least two kids going to the same school as currently they all three go to different schools and some days it’s challenging, especially when two back-to-school nights are on the same night, parent/teacher conferences, etc. 

Most everyone we talked to that night already knew me as Sunshine’s mom and I would introduce Moonshine as Sunshine’s sister.  Okay, I realize how annoying this is because I was a second born of the same gender (darn you, Dr. Kevin Leman, and your Birth Order Book), however, if Sunshine was a complete screw up, of course, I wouldn’t do that.  Sunshine isn’t a screw up (thank, God).  She was the White Witch in the school play, The Chronicles of Narnia and did a scene at 8th Grade Parent Night.  As I’ve said before, Sunshine and Moonshine could not be more different, as was evidenced when she told everyone she met that she’s the complete opposite of Sunshine.  I wondered what the principal thought when Moonshine told her that.  So she’s not a good student, good in drama, or responsible??  I could see why they’d want to accept Moonshine at that school.  Isn’t it okay to pretend to be a little bit like Sunshine? 

Afterwards, Moonshine and I went to the grocery store and she told me it was annoying how I introduced her as Sunshine’s sister, but really, how was I going to introduce her when everyone we talked to knew me as Sunshine’s mom? 

Them:  Hello, Mrs. Blah Blah, wasn’t Sunshine great? 

Me:  Yes, Mr. So and So, I thought she did really good.  This is Moonshine, someone completely unrelated that would like to come to this school.

And I know where Moonshine is coming from.  First day of school for me was always, Aren’t you Awesome’s sister?  Yeah, I am.  There was always a certain expectation that I never lived up to.  But here’s the difference and what I told Moonshine.  I had a very unique last name, let’s call it Vanderbilt, and we were the only Vanderbilt’s in the entire school, of course, I’m Awesome Vanderbilt’s sister.  Moonshine’s last name might as well be Smith in her school so she’s not going to have that “problem” once school starts.  I told her on the first day of school she could say, No, I’m Pablo Smith’s sister; but that it certainly wouldn’t hurt her on 8th Grade Parent Night to have a little family recognition when we’re trying to get into a school with a three-year open enrollment waiting list for their regular program.

Then I told Moonshine that I don’t want her to be Sunshine, but I would like her to be the best Moonshine she can be and I know she’s not doing that right now.  I told her she’s an amazing person in her own right and she’ll make her own name, but not to miss it because she’s trying too hard to be the anti-Sunshine. 


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