Don’t Get LOST

I haven’t read a new book since my book review last week (or so) so you might have to wait a week (or more) for that whole new me I’ve been talking about. 

I think I’ve figured out how I’ve totally ruined my children and their relationship with each other, but I’m afraid it’s too late to do anything about it.  Some days I feel like I’m on a roller coaster ride just holding on until they’re out of the house.  Then I see the economy and worry about their future and hope there will be a day when they are out of the house.  I’m completely torn between enjoying every minute of every day and how excited I am to see how they turn out.  Last night (or so) at dinner we were talking and laughing and I had just the slightest tinge of how I’m going to miss that when they’re gone.  You know, if we get out of 2012 alive, those darn Mayans.

I was reading The Birth Order Book by Dr. Kevin Leman and I got through a few pages and felt like I had what I needed.  I’m sure there was a lot more to it, but there were so many variables I had trouble keeping up.  I really need someone to write a book completely about my situation so I follow along, a Christy’s Life book if you will.  The part of The Birth Order book that stuck with me is that every branch on your family tree grows differently, to which I’ve completely come to grips with.  Starting out and raising the girls on my own, I tend to run our family as a unit, putting everyone in the same box so to speak.  What I quickly found was that it doesn’t matter that they were all raised in the same house, they’re going to be completely different people because they ARE completely different people.  You’d think three people raised in the same house would be more similar.  Also, what Dr. Leman told me was that the second child, if they’re the same gender as the first child, is going to be purposely different from the first child.  I knew that because I was a second child of the same gender.  Really, there were too many variables in the book for me. 

My sister was the book-worm, very studious, loved to read, never went out.  So I figured she had that realm covered and I would see what else was out there.  I wanted to go out all the time and push the boundaries that she didn’t try.  I could have been more studious, but she had the market cornered on straight A’s so I went the other way, not straight F’s, but not stellar.  Moonshine (my second born child of the same gender) is doing the same thing.  Every one of her teachers says she’s not applying herself.  They say she’s so much smarter than she’s demonstrating because she doesn’t want to work any harder than the minimum.  I’m going to tell her right now she’s going to have a long road with that attitude, don’t ask me how I know.

(NOTE FROM THE BLOGGER: My sister seemed to think the above paragraph made her seem like a loser, which was completely not my intention.  She was no where near a loser.  She said she had lots of boyfriends and went out all the time, so the above paragraph was my perception and not the actual reality of my social butterfly sister.)

Now that this blog is like three weeks old and I’ve completely LOST my train of thought, I’m going to transition to something Facebook related.  I don’t specifically search for friends on FB, especially from high school or previous places of employment.  I love having them but I don’t seek out new ones.  I also don’t friend my kids’ friends just because I feel like there should be some boundaries.  I really feel like I have a good number of friends that I can keep up with.  Okay, it’s 108.  I have a few friends that have what I consider to be way too many friends, you know who you are.  How can you keep up with all that?  Recently I had up to 109 friends, but someone, see, I don’t even know who, dropped off and now I’m back down to 108.  So here’s a little note to Friend 109.  Good riddance.  I didn’t need you anyway. 

108 is the perfect number of friends and I’m going to tell you why. 

  • On LOST, the blast door map had the Roman numerals CVIII on a box, which translated into modern Hindu-arbic numbers is 108.
  • The number had to be entered every 108 minutes on the computer in the hatch.
  • There were 108 beats per minute of Ben’s heartbeat on the EEG for a moment.
  • The time that showed on the digital clock was 1:08.
  • The number of wine cases that the monastery imported was 108.
  • 108 times 3 equals 324 – the number of people on Flight 815.
  • 108 is the sum of the numbers (4,8,15,16,23,42).

So listen, Friend 109, no hard feelings, I don’t even really know who you were, but I’m sure you’re going to be kicking yourself for having missed this amazing blog and all my ridiculous status updates and pictures.


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