2011 Family Anti-Newsletter

Better late than never…..or is it?

I’d love to be organized enough to do a year in review by month for 2011, but I’m not.  You know what’s bad about a blog?  I get to go back and see what I didn’t accomplish based on my 2010 goals.  Depressing really.  So to the best of my memory, 2011 wasn’t great and it didn’t actually rain men in 2010. I need another new motto.

Here are the highlights I remember most.  In March, my boss told me I absolutely could NOT go on a cruise to the Panama Canal in April even though I had the time off I needed.  Then in September, he let me go, so I might as well have gone on that cruise when I had the chance.

We got a puppy from the Dumb Friends League in March.  I like to say we rescued her, but she was a puppy and was going anyway. 

Meet Molly

And not to be outdone by Moonshine getting a puppy, Sunshine had to get a kitten, Buffy, who ended up being Buford when we found that he had balls.

Meet Buford

I turned 40 in June and had an awesome trip to Niagara Falls, Canada and New York and got an iPad 2.  My family is so amazing and that was one of the best trips ever taken, except maybe the Panama Canal one that could have possibly been even better had I been allowed to take it.  I’m not bitter. 

Maid of the Mist

Let’s see, out of the 22 blogs I did last year I think most of them were about how my kids were driving me crazy.  The monkey didn’t star in any except the first one of the year where I wished he would stop living the minute he left me.  You’ll have to find that one on your own.  Also, I’d link to my 2010 Newsletter, but then you’ll see that I did nothing I wanted to this year and might realize I’m kind of a loser.  So let’s just pretend that doesn’t exist.

I’m going to take a blurb out of a Family Newsletter that my mom got this year that made me laugh.  About halfway down while talking about one of their sons they mentioned that he decided not to go through with the wedding and was single again, which made me wonder if the previous year’s newsletter proudly announced his engagement.  Maybe that’s why I’m okay if my family newsletter is only read by my 2.5 readers because they probably don’t care that I didn’t reach one single goal from 2010.

Fine, here they are:

Never mind, WordPress isn’t letting me link so just assume they’re as depressing as I’ve said and that I haven’t accomplished anything.

Another awesome trip we took this year was to see a college for Sunshine.  Durango, Colorado is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to and I hope one of my children decide to go to Ft. Lewis so I’ll have an excuse to move down there.  Or I’ll just move there when the last one is out of the house.  I’m going somewhere that’s for sure.
I have found a way to talk to Moonshine better, but not until we had a very tumultuous Christmas with Sunshine and Moonshine continuing their bickering streak.  Tonight, I heard them laughing and talking about something and wished they would do that more often.  They have so much in common if they’d just get over themselves and communicate.  Awwwww, teen angst.  I love it.   And by “love”, I mean loathe.

Back to 2011.  Yeah, it sucked.  I stopped working out, I stopped showering every day, I stopped having a regular job, I stopped having insurance, and we lost our dog. 

We Miss You, Angel

  It was a horrible funk year and I can only pray that 2012 is better. 

Aren’t you glad you waited until January 10th to read about all this?



  1. carikelley

    wow, Debbie Downer, at least you are honest. painfully honest. Here’s to making 2012 better than 2011…won’t be too hard, right?!

  2. I hear you. I figure 2012 is either going to be a wonderful, magical year, or we can take consolation in the fact that the world will end (that movie was a documentary, right?). 🙂

    • This made me laugh! I remember thinking, When did John Cusack start doing documentaries?

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