2.2 Months in a Nutshell

Can you believe it’s already December?

Guess what I haven’t been doing in my 2.2 months of unemployment — blogging, working out, showering every day….you get the idea.  My kids call me NJC for no job Christy.  As in, “I love NJC, she’s fun”.  I am much less stressed during the day and more laid back about going to get them after rehearsals or taking them to appointments because I don’t have to juggle all that with an actual job.  And Sunshine is driving now so that helps me out a lot.  The monkey got her a car for her birthday, which was actually his older daughter’s old car, but it runs *knock wood* and except for the past few days when it’s been snowy, she’s been using it to get herself to and from school. 

How about an update.  You know you want one.  Sunshine was in Fiddler in November.  She played Chava and it was the first role she’s had with lines so she was so excited.  My whole family came in to see her and it was so nice that they did.  And I have some really awesome friends that came out as they do every year.  Also, Sunshine actually did better with the stress this year than years past and I think it’s just maturity.  She’s the white witch in Narnia at the end of January and that’s a lot more lines so we’ll see how that goes.

Moonshine and Tenderheart are playing volleyball for two different schools and that keeps me busy.  Moonshine doesn’t have a boyfriend and I think she secretly blames me for making her turn down everyone last year so they’re not asking her out this year.   If only she’d focus more on schoolwork than she does on boys, my life would be a lot  easier.

Tenderheart comes home every day talking about some kind of drama at school.  It’s her first year of middle school and boy, is there drama.  She had a little boy ask her to the Halloween dance and she said she’d go as a friend.  Then he asked her later if she’d be his girlfriend.  She said no, and then he uninvited her to the dance and he didn’t even end up going.  Who does that?  Jerks, that’s who.  Tenderheart also said she wants a stepdad, but I worry about how that will affect our family dynamic, not that there are any prospects out there.

As for me, besides not taking showers every day or working out or blogging, apparently I do craft fairs now.  Or I did anyway.  I did two and the first one I made my money back and had a great time.  The second one, not so much.  I mean, I had a good time, but it was much bigger and a lot harder to stand out.  It’s not like I thought I was going to get rich on bookmarks and personalized ornaments, but I also wouldn’t have turned down some extra Christmas money.  People make money doing craft fairs, I just don’t know how I guess.   The girl I did the second craft fair with sells scrabble tiles that she makes into pendants and she made a killing.  Me, not so much. 

A shorter list of things I have been doing since I’ve been out of work for 2.2 months, napping, school work, laundry, personalized ornaments, napping.  I do enjoy a good siesta.  And on Wednesday I’m going to drive for Sunshine’s school again to help take her theater group to perform at elementary schools.  They perform at one school for children that have serious illnesses and if that doesn’t put your life in perspective, then you have no soul.


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