Sunshine in November

This Made Me Laugh

If you read THIS POST then you’ll know why this makes me laugh. 

So the end of my sixth week unemployed has me panicking no more or no less than two weeks unemployed.  I’ve actually had more work than I could have done with a job, so I guess that’s good.  My embroidery is complete though, and my editing job is drying up until mid-January so now I start to freak out a little.  My unemployment finally came through, but I could do an entire blog about how convoluted that whole process is.  I won’t though because how dull would that be?  Probably no more so than what I normally write about I guess.  

I’m going to tell you a little about Sunshine.  It’s that time of year again when the musical is this week and she’s an emotional wreck.  EMOTIONAL.WRECK.  First of all, I have raised some peculiar kids.  I’ll admit it.  They are interesting, to say the least.  Sunshine completely cut off contact with a neighbor her age because the neighbor girl was bragging about how her Christmas lights were the best in the neighborhood.  Sunshine is a grudgeholder.  She still talks about that girl, who could have been a really good friend, and the fact that the same Christmas she was bragging, her family never even put up lights.  I know,  however, that she’s not going to take any crap from anyone because she’s stronger than anyone I know.  Unfortunately, though, she’s also going to hold a grudge, which isn’t necessarily good.  And I’m not a grudgeholder so I can only imagine she got that from her dad, who she doesn’t currently speak to because of a previous grudge.  A couple of stubborn people who will hopefully one day come back around and have some semblance of a relationship.

When you read this, just pretend like it’s still November and I haven’t had this in my drafts for 3 additional weeks.


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