Rated R Commentary from Christy

The title might be misleading.

You know what else I have time for now that I’ve lost my job?  Commentary.  Lots and lots of commentary.  All kinds of commentary.  All sorts of thoughts and commentary.  I also start a lot of my conversations with, What’s wrong with people?

Side note: Is it wrong that I keep expecting my company to call me to tell me they’ve made a horrible mistake and they need me to come pick up my equipment and get to work right away?  Also, is it ironic that the minute I lost my insurance I started having weird lymph nodes start swelling on my face? As Phil Dunphy would say, WTF?  Why the face?

So weird lymph nodes and commentary are what I’ve got going on right now.  However, I did take my older girls to a movie the other night.  Okay, it was Paranormal Activity 3.  A few months ago I took the same two older girls to see Scream 4 and was shocked and appalled that a woman brought in a 3-year-old.  I felt terrible taking my 13-year-old with the language and gore, but a 3-year-old?  REALLY? 

So I walked into Paranormal Activity 3 and the first thing I noticed at the HARKINS, yeah, I’m going to say where I was, was an infant car carrier.  Oh great.  Again, I say, Really?  Then there was an infant crying and a toddler talking and several other toddlers making noise. 

Ultimate Moviegoing Unless You're an Adult at a Rated R Movie


Now, I realize I’m in a movie theater with a bunch of other people and I can’t expect it to be completely quiet.  I can, however, expect that my $10 gets me into a rated R movie where there aren’t going to be toddlers talking.  Is that too much to ask, HARKINS

I understand that you CAN allow all people who are under 17 into a rated R movie with a parent or guardian, but does that mean you SHOULD?  Can’t there be a cut off age like 11 that you can’t get in if you’re under even with a parent or guardian?  especially with a parent or guardian that has no respect for other patrons or any judgment on what’s good for their children?  And you know those people aren’t paying for a ticket for that infant or toddler, right?  It’s ridiculous. 

Now, I’m not saying don’t take your kid to a movie.  I took mine to see Toy Story and Toy Story 2 and Chicken Run, and every other KID movie that came out.  Do you see the difference?  I didn’t take them to rated R movies where other patrons had to shhhhh them for talking.  Again, I ask, where’s the shame?  I would have been so embarrassed to take my kids to anything and have them shhhhh’d because they’re talking during a quiet part in a rated R movie.  And in all the Paranormal movies, the best stuff happens in the quiet parts, and the sound quality isn’t great because it’s not supposed to be but I couldn’t tell which parts were the talking toddler and which parts were supposed to be heard. 

And I’m not completely blaming this on the Harkins.  I mean, sure, they let those kids in with their idiot parents, but the parents are really the responsible ones.  Do you know how many times I had to say no to something because I couldn’t get a sitter or had to wait for something to come out on video before I saw it?  Did it kill me?  No, that’s what you had to do when you had kids.  I can’t imagine packing my kids up and taking them to some completely inappropriate movie just because I couldn’t live without seeing it. 

Honestly, is there anyone that doesn’t agree with the fact that toddlers shouldn’t be in rated R movies??  I wanted to talk to the manager, but didn’t want to miss the movie.  I wish I would have done it though so I could have gotten my money back on a completely ruined movie experience.  Did you hear that, HARKINS?  Because it’s unlikely that I’ll be back at your establishment until you change your policy and ban toddlers from rated R movies.



  1. heidi

    I think you SHOULD let the Harkins know about your poor movie-going experience…Probably nothing will come of it, but if you go in there and speak calmly and make rational arguements, MAYBE you will get lucky…and if not, you can always get your “bitch” on…lol

    I mean, the least they can do is refund your purchase price, but depending on how much time has passed, you might be out of luck. Bring the ticket stubs.

    Our theater here does not allow young kids into “grown up” movies after a certain time…but then, we have balcony seating, complete with alcoholic drinks and meals served 🙂

  2. Just caught up on your blog and oh my you crack me up, all but the no job part. sorry about that, prayers for you! And I can’t believe there were kids at that movie, I can’t believe anyone was at that movie….just saying 🙂

  3. Christy- you are my winner from my blog! email me at dogei5@aol.com with your address and I will send you your prize! Thanks for celebrating my 40th Bday with me!!! 😉

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