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You know what I have a lot of time for now that I’ve lost my job?  Thinking.  A lot of thinking.  All kinds of thinking.  Thinking about a lot of stuff.  Mostly I’ve been thinking about the dumbification (my word) of America.  I know, it’s deep.

I’m going to talk about two things that I don’t recommend.  I repeat, I don’t recommend these two things.  One, the movie Idiocracy. Two, the book In Fifty Years Well All Be Chicks by Adam Carolla, which I got from the place Adam says they “hide the books”, also known as the library. 

I personally enjoyed both very much, but they have very foul language, and I can’t in good conscience recommend them to you.  However, they make really good points in spite of the language and vulgarity.  So if you do end up watching Idiocracy with the always awesome Luke Wilson, watch the censored version and try to get past all the blurbs where you know bad words were.  I’m just saying the movie made a really good point and might have been taken more seriously if it wasn’t so vulgar.  Same with the book.  Not that either of them were meant to be taken seriously as they’re both comedies, but there are good points about the dumbing down of America that get lost in the filth.  Okay, that’s what I was trying to say.

In Idiocracy, the point was that smart people were waiting later to have kids and finding that they weren’t always able to, while the dumb people were having a bunch of kids they mostly couldn’t afford and eventually the balance of power was taken over by the dumb people and they ended up watering the grass with Gatorade because everything was sponsored by some big company.  I’m not even political, and it seems pretty accurate, well, except the Gatorade part.   But seriously, anyone seen Teen Mom lately?  Why do we need a season three of 16 and Pregnant?  Are we showing them how to do it and get paid for it, or how to prevent it?

My friend (yeah, I have one) and I were talking about how there’s no shame anymore.  I was watching an interview with some girls from the Jersey Shore and they showed a clip of one of them walking home completely drunk and falling face down on the concrete floor of their house and she said she doesn’t get embarrassed by that anymore, which made me wonder how many times she had to do that before she didn’t get embarrassed anymore.  I was dragged out of a Robert Plant concert yelling that I wanted to hear Highway to Heaven (don’t ask) and not only would I not ever go back to that arena, I had to move out of the state.   And it wasn’t even on camera!!  This girl was slo-mo falling on her face on national television, boobs hanging out, drooling on herself and she doesn’t get embarrassed anymore???!!  Well, she should and I think that’s part of the problem.  Remember when you were ashamed of your actions?  Now, those actions are just recorded, put on YouTube, and rated by other people who are recording what they’re doing and putting it up to be rated.  And these people are procreating. 

It’s almost overwhelming as a non-political person to get my head around what I can do.  I mean, I do what I can.  I don’t support the gossip magazines or go to those trashy websites anymore.  I refuse to buy anything with a Kardashian on it or a teen mom or a Gosselin for that matter.  But people are buying that stuff and perpetuating it, so me NOT doing it doesn’t offset everyone that is doing it. 

One of the many points that Adam Carolla’s book made was that in this world of 24 hour news, everything is news whether it really is or not.  We used to have to watch the news when it was on and they’d have to fit in all the important stuff, but now you can watch it any time, any where.  So the stuff that we’re giving the most importance to is the filler, not the substance, but I don’t know what to do about it.  Do you?



  1. “Welcome to Costco. I love you.”

    • Oh my gosh!! I totally forgot about Costco taking over the world!! That movie had some really funny things in it that were actually kind of frightening!

  2. heidi

    I have neither seen nor read the materials you referenced here, but i DO agree about the dumbification of America.

    For example, when we were in High School, they wrote The Daily Disappointment newspaper on a 5th grade reading level. NOW it is written on a THIRD GRADE reading level…and don’t even get me started on the “No Child Left Behind” BS…

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