Hoarders:How it Began

Week four of unemployment has me thinking about hoarding and how it starts.  I start worrying about the first signs that hoarding is going to occur. Generally there’s a death in the family (check) and then there’s unemployment (double check) and usually children have either left the house or are getting ready to (two short years).  Could I slowly become a hoarder? My grandpa was a hoarder, my dad was a hoarder; is it in the cards for me?

Then there’s always depression, which I’ve always struggled with myself.  And my current situation is not helping my depression express.  I don’t know if you’re a church-goer, but today’s sermon was about what to do when life isn’t fair.  Did they see me coming or what?  Our pastor said you can get bitter or better.  I’m currently bitter.  B-i-t-t-e-rI would have liked a third alternative to “get” though and that’s even, but that wasn’t even discussed.  There was no option in his sermon to get even.  I guess my brown bag filled with flaming dog poop idea will have to wait.

The two of my girls that go to their dad’s came home Saturday night and told me they’d been out looking at houses all day.  I knew the monkey was moving because his rental house is being sold, but then they told me he and his whore are buying a new house.  Bitter, party of one?  Your table’s ready.  Yes, I want him to have a miserable life, so sue me.  I’ll be honest, I don’t want to see him doing better than I am.  And in this valley I’m in, unfortunately there’s not much that’s beneath me right now except maybe the people on Hoarders.

So back to if I’m a hoarder or not.  And the answer is I’m not, but I can certainly see how you could easily become one.   If anything, I’m going to be an anti-hoarder and only have a bed and a blanket because I have way too much stuff and need to simplify or sell.  Garage sale, anyone?



  1. It seems like we have way too much in common to not hang out. Oh wait, I live in New York — that would make it challenging. Still, seems a shame.

    I love diagnosing people on TV — like the people on Survivor (narcissist…possible sociopath…controlling personality…codependent) — and I have also diagnosed myself as not-being-a-hoarder; however, I came home from a weekend away last night and thought that there was just way too much “stuff” around the apartment. Even with my bro and I sharing a small space and knowing that the amount we have each accumulated isn’t all that much, I still think — this stuff needs to go! Wish I could join you in CO for a garage sale…

  2. I’d rather join you in New York for a new life!!

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