New Found Benefit of…..

…..unemployment:  I can do whatever I want. 

My sister thinks I overshare, and she’s right. 

Four weeks ago today, actually tomorrow, I was getting raked over the coals for leaving 30 minutes early (with permission).  Thirty.Minutes.  Today, I was standing in an elementary school watching Sunshine perform a Kabuki skit that she and her group from theater class wrote.  She choreographed the dances and played the wife.  I did that in four different elementary schools today and was a driver because someone backed out yesterday and they were going to have to cancel if they didn’t get more drivers.  I didn’t even hesitate when Sunshine called me yesterday to see if I could drive.  I have nothing better to do and can’t think of a more enjoyable way to spend my day.  I mean, come November, when my Microsoft Money is only showing RED, I’m going to be in full-blown panic attack; but today, I got to spend the day with Sunshine and a great bunch of kids that just like to perform.


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  1. Sister Sherri

    Another new found benefit of….finishing school. You are going to be great!

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