Just Above the Center of the Earth

If every life has peaks and valleys, I’m in a valley.  Like deep in a valley, below the water that’s situated in the grassy knoll, under the dirt, just trying to dig my way out. 

Not only did I lose my job two weeks ago, but then other random stuff started going wrong.  Like…..okay, so I hit the garage door backing out my car.  I kicked the vacuum and ripped off my pinky toenail.  I ordered too much for my embroidery and now I’m left with 7 pairs of pants I don’t need.  The cat we thought was a girl is actually a boy.  Our puppy keeps chewing up random stuff and it’s not cute anymore.  My brake light is out.  My check engine light is still on.  My heater in the house doesn’t work.

I would never dare say, it can’t get any worse, because I eventually have to leave the house, and I know it can get so much worse.  I’m in a slump, I’m having a bad season, and I can’t think of any baseball terms except to say I’m batting below average.  Is it possible that this is karma coming back to get me?  I can’t possibly have that much karma as I’m basically a good person.  No, really, I am.

So what do people do in a slump?  Everyone’s heard the term, pulling yourself up by the boot straps, but what if you wear flip flops?  What in the world do I pull myself up by?  Oh my gosh, what if this is my mid-life crisis and I don’t have the money to buy a ridiculous sports car??  What if this is mid-life?  Does that mean menopause is not too far behind because I’m going to have to get some insurance to go through that sucker.  Good heavens, there’s so much.

Our sermon series is RYB – Read Your Bible.  Maybe I’ll find some answers in there.  I’ll have to let you know.


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  1. Don’t worry, you don’t have to have money to buy a sports car; women tend more toward gathering with girlfriends to share wine and talk, talk, talk. This doesn’t cost too much. xoxo

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