First Week Of…….


My sister said she didn’t want to see my sad story on Facebook, so it’s not (exactly).   And it’s been two weeks, but the first week I was much less coherent. 

It started with shock minus the awe.  It actually started with a boss that’s been trying to get rid of me since November ’10.  I always believe in the good in people, and if you told me your boss “had it in for you”, I might have thought it was just you  (sorry, rhymes with Bamber).  That was until last November when I met my new boss and began jumping through every hoop in front of me as they got higher and higher.  I’m sure there are a lot of people out there that don’t like me, but I’ve never actually worked for one with such disdain.  And if you’re reading my blog and don’t like me, move along.  Don’t go away mad, just go away.  But if I work for you and you don’t like me, it gets a little trickier.

Long story short, and it is a long story, I was called in on a Tuesday and told my services were no longer needed.  Ironically enough, when I got home that day I received my anniversary gift from said company in the form of an awesome 3-in-1 wireless printer thanking me for my years of service.  Then when they messed up on my final paycheck and sent me a new one, I got the worst paper cut of my life.  Well played, Company, well played.

I know it’s business and all, but it’s really hard to not take it personal.  Because it’s my life, my years served, it’s very personal to me.  It was my first “big girl” job and while I am going to school for something else, I would have probably stayed there forever or at least until the student loans are paid off. 

Now I’m left wondering, Was all that just wasted time?  I mean, I’ve met some really wonderful people and consider myself to have a lot of friends there, but have I heard from any of them?  What have I been doing there for 17 years?

So my first week consisted of a lot of tears, a lot of naps, a lot of pep talks (thanks, Dallas!), a lot of hassle trying to get the monkey to put the girls on his insurance, and a lot of near panic attacks.  There was one day I pretended I was a stay at home, but when dinner was on the table and no husband came home, that dream was shot to hell.

I have a plan, and eventually I might thank that D-bag for being such a D-bag; but right now, no thanks are being passed around.  I am, however, using that 3-in-1 wireless device to its full potential as I scan and fax birth certificates for new insurance.

Final thoughts from Christy:  As I enter week three, I ask myself, What now?  And I have no idea.  I know that I’m a single mom with three kids and the thought of me being the one that has to take care of all this makes me want to vomit and then take to my bed and sleep for the next……well, for a long time until this nightmare is over.  I keep thinking they’ll realize that some terrible mistake has been made, but for now, I’m stuck on this ride and it’s one of those spinny ones like the teacups.  *vomit*


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  1. Whitney

    Christy, I know what a strong, independent women you are. While the shock of this situation indeed sucks, I know that you will come out on top. Of all the people I know, I know, without a doubt in my mind, that you will survive. Remember to believe in yourself and in your strengths. Before I was at “that” workplace I had taken a leap in my life to leave retail to work in insurance. I was going thru a divorce at the time, started working for this person and just a couple months later he asked me to work on commission only… not something I could even consider being single. I was terrified at what my life was about to become. I was already broke thanks to the ex and struggling to keep my head above water. I remember my friends Mom working at “that” place and thought what the heck.. I’ll apply. I did and was hired that day. It was a life changing event for me that turned my life around. While you mourn this loss, know that there is a bigger and better plan for you in this world. You are a good person. I’ve always known that! You have so many skills. You should apply with a temp agency. If you ever want to talk, inbox me on FB and I can give you my phone number. Hang in there!

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