Just Pretend it’s Still July

Do you think all blogs are over or just mine?  I’ve been looking at all the people I “follow” and no one is updating.  Do you think it’s like a sinking ship and I’ll be the last one on it?  Or like me, do you think people are just too busy?  I even gave up Twitter because I don’t have time for all that ish.  I mean, I still have a Twitter account but can’t remember the last time I cared what Billy Bush was doing.  No offense to Billy Bush, but dude, I’m exhausted. 

You might be surprised (or not) to know that my Summer of Love was in fact, not a Summer of much.  It wasn’t even a Summer of Movies like it’s been in the past.  It was just a summer.  A glorious summer, but just a summer, nonetheless.

It was, however, my Summer of 40, the Summer of Niagara Falls, my last Detroit Summer as my sister is unbelievably moving to Dallas.  I’m sorry…but next summer is NOT going to be a Dallas Summer!!  I’m sweating just thinking about it!  It was the summer my oldest daughter decided to break with tradition and not spend her summer in Oklahoma but spend it in Ferndale, Michigan with my sister getting a little independence and making a LOT of money being a worker bee.  I wish she worked at my house, but I don’t pay as much as they do in Michigan (now Dallas). 

New York Side of the Falls

A quick word about Niagara Falls.  Never before have I realized the power of water before riding on the Maid of the Mist and feeling it pull our boat closer and closer.  Or seeing the erosion from where it used to be to where it is now.  There was a tragedy there recently and I could see how there would be.  The falls are literally right in the middle of town on the Canada side and there’s a bridge on the New York side that goes right over the falls.  I’m surprised there aren’t more accidents, frankly.

Right on top of the falls. It looks so refreshing.

You can literally walk right up to it.  And to say there are tourists traps is the biggest understatement you can imagine.  They’ve built so much into it just to get people to pay to get closer and closer.  There’s fireworks that are free, but that’s about it and that’s only like two days a week.  We stayed on the Canada side, but went over to the New York side and both sides were amazing; but for the view, Canada had the prettiest and most expansive view.

NOTE FROM the blogger:  Yes, I started this blog in July.  No judging.  Let’s see what’s happened since then?  The girls got back in August, school started and we were back in a routine, Shelby turned 16 and she went to the homecoming dance the same night, which I said we could record and pretend like it was her Super Sweet 16 party.  It’s now October and I have no idea what else happened in that time. 

Oh, I do know, two weeks ago I lost my job.  My main job, my first job.  I had two jobs but that was the one I’ve had for 17 years, you know, the one with insurance and benefits.  Come back soon to see how I’m “dealing with unemployment”.  If nothing else, I’ll have something new and exciting to blog about.  And by new and exciting, I mean terrifying and heartwrenching.  Sounds like fun.



  1. Whitney

    Hey girl! I can’t believe you lost your job. I’m so sorry. That sucks big time. You’ll be in my thoughts! You are amazing so I know you will find something again soon. Did they have lay off’s again?

    Your summer sounds like it was tons of fun! Glad you got to enjoy it so much!

    Hang in there.

  2. Mom

    You are quite an excellent writer, an awesome mother and a awe inspiring individual whom I am proud to call my daughter!

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