Taking Stock

So, 40, huh? 40….Forty…..the Big 4-0…..Over the Hill, and my personal favorite, Middle Age. Yeah, but only if I live to 80, right? I remember how old I thought that sounded when I was a kid. As in, 40!! that’s sooooo OLD! Awwwww, if only I could tell that little girl that it would get here faster than she thought. And it’s better than the alternative, right? I mean, come on, can I get an amen. Obviously, I’d rather be 40 than dead, but good grief, 40?! Halfway to 80. Twice as old as 20.

Oh my gosh, I remember turning 20 and having an early life crisis on how I wasn’t anywhere I wanted to be in life, how I wanted to have accomplished so much more. I’d better not think too much on that at 40 lest I be a little disappointed. At 30, I remember making an announcement at 9:30 pm that I guess my birthday’s over since I had to take out the trash myself!! What a brat!

Do you know how much of my life I look back on and cringe? A surprisingly large portion. So I hope this IS middle age. I hope I do live to 80 to give the next 40 years a good run and live with no more regrets, no more cringing.

I started this blog before my birthday and now I’m finishing it with my birthday present, an iPad 2. The best present I’ve ever gotten. My family is so awesome!!

My month-o-birthday is over and now I have to figure out what this blog’s going to be about. I have no talent in any one direction to make it about one specific thing. I could talk a little (okay, a lot) about TV but there’s Television Without Pity for that. I could totally be a movie critic including my new passion, which are documentaries. From Man on Wire to Exit Through the Gift Shop, I’m loving documentaries. But there are other people that do it better. So I’m left with talking about myself, which I’m finding to be a little boring. Maybe I’m just not doing as much. I need to do more.

I spent my 40th in Michigan and we went to Niagara Falls. It was amazing. Definitely a birthday I’ll remember for a long, long time. And more on that later…..



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