Don’t Be a Tool

I’ve always said that with my credit and very small bank account, someone would be hard pressed to steal my identity.  They would be very disappointed.  However, that didn’t stop some tool from using my debit card to buy a train ticket to Paris.  And then try to buy another one, but my VERY small bank account and overdraft coverage couldn’t handle all that and the second one rejected.   Thank God.

I’ve never understood stealing.  I’ve never wanted to steal anything, mostly because of the fear that I would get caught. But these bastards are brazen.  How do they even do it?  How did some ass in France get my debit card number and buy a train ticket? 

So now my bank account is all jacked up because one of the charges did go through.  A question for my bank would be, logically, why would you even accept this charge?  I’m not nearly that glamorous.  And how was I able to buy dinner at Chick-fil-A last night and then a train ticket in France today?  I mean, come on.  Luckily the credit card company did call me, but only after the original charge went through thus jacking up my bank account and cancelling my debit card until I can get to the bank tomorrow. 

I hate people.  I especially hate people who go through life on someone else’s dime, specifically mine.  And they’re never going to catch that guy.  He’s probably got a stash of credit card numbers and mine just happen to come up.  And let me tell you another reason I hate you, France Guy.  I take my daughter to work today and treat her to lunch only to have to give our food back because my debit card has been cancelled as you are sitting somewhere comfortably on a train.  I would never resort to violence unless I met you, Frenchie.


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  1. cindi

    I thought you were going to say something about tool rhyming with fool.
    I don’t understand stealing either, thieves suck and will get theirs in the end.

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