Happy End of January!

January is my quietest month.  Also, if I’m being honest, not my favorite month.  It might be all the financial recovering from Christmas.  I know, I’m a terrible consumer and tend to put off some bills in order to have a good Christmas.  I’d love to be one of those people that say, sorry, no Christmas this year, but I’m not.  I’d like to think I’m typical.

Plus I have a new job and it’s much more stressful than my previous job.  Same company, just different job.  Much more pressure; and just ask my sister, I am not the workaholic in the family.  There are things this month I need to get done, but when I think about them I start to have a panic attack and just move them to the back of my head.  Next month is better.  Next month is bonus month, but shhhhhh, we don’t talk about it lest we get in trouble.  Unfortunately, this year my small bonus will be going directly towards bills so nothing frilly, but maybe my head will be above water for at least a little while.  Maybe until next Christmas when I say, sorry, no Christmas this year and then have one anyway.

Anyway, Happy End of January! I’ll try and be more vocal (and positive) in February.


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