My 2010 Family Newsletter

Almost Merry Christmas!!  I’ve been very stressed this week and I don’t like change.

Okay, so my one faithful reader is VERY excited about my family anti-newsletter.  She’s a family member AND a blog reader, so she’s probably going to be disappointed.  Expectations low, people.

Hey, let’s recap:
2009 Family Newsletter
2008 Family Newsletter

As I said last year, the really good thing about having a blog is that you can easily keep track of what you did last year.  By far, the coolest thing about 2010 was New York.  You can start HERE for the recaps and then just keep going if you have time to kill, or you can’t sleep at night.

Let’s see….2010 was where I was reminded of a lot of junior high and high school stories and told tragic stories of lost (puppy) love.  Rhymes with Schmawn Schmooke will never be the same, and he STILL doesn’t remember the time we spent together.  Oh, and I also reconnected with several high school friends on Facebook and then unfriended some them on National Unfriend Day.  Really, if we were life-long friends, wouldn’t we still be friends?  On a related note, I also worked on a sarcastic font but had to settle for italics.

I wrote 62 blogs this year and this is my 202nd, but this year’s number wasn’t even close to the 116 I wrote in 2009.  Good heavens, I was busy this year I guess.  I had a couple of cases of bloggers block and I got an iPhone with Netflix and Words with Friends on it.  My life will never be the same.

Unfortunately my motto for ’10, which was It’s Raining Men in ’10 did not come true.  You might be surprised to find out that it did not actually rain men in 2010.  And even though I talked about whether to Match or not, I did not, in fact, match anything.  I talked a lot about tattoos this year (HERE and HERE) and about how smart I am (HERE).  And I gave my kids code names (HERE).  I also changed them (HERE) in a story about dating. 

Moonshine and I have had a really rough year.  Actually more like a rough four months when I let her switch schools because she was so miserable.  Now she’s no longer miserable, but she also might think I’m an idiot.  She asks advice from everyone BUT me, and she told me if she needed ideas on what to do with her hair she’d ask someone else.  What?  Like I don’t have hair?  I can talk to her until I’m blue in the face, but she doesn’t listen to anything I say.  I hope one day she realizes I’m pretty smart, and I pray that it’s soon.

Additionally this year, I talked about angst, angsty music, and Sunshine lost a friend but she didn’t die.

Maybe you just stopped by today, or maybe I was clever in 2010.  I personally don’t find myself to be that interesting, but maybe I made you laugh once.  I will try to do more in 2011, but this is all really just for me.  If you do stop by again, I’m sure I will continue to keep you updated on trips and accomplishments (if there are any), and hopefully this year I will announce that I’m finally through with school and moving on to the next part of my life.  This is the year I’m turning 40 so I’m sure you’ll hear about that 50 or 60 more times this year.  And I’ll try to come up with some more funny titles.

In short (or not), I’d like to thank you for stopping by.  Thanks for all the comments and the help when I needed it.  Also, I ended my blogs this year with either a prayer or Final Thoughts in the spirit of Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy.  So I’ll end this with a prayer AND final thoughts.

I pray next year is even better than this year.  I pray I find a way to communicate better with Moonshine, that Sunshine finds her way, and that Rises with the Sun gets a better code name and gets a couple of blogs dedicated to how awesome she really is.

Final Thoughts from Christy:  I need a new motto for ’11.   And I’d rather it not be Going to Heaven in ’11.  So lay it on me, what have you got?



  1. Karen

    I think you’re motto should be “Writing 227 in 2011!!”
    …and I enjoy your blogs – looking forward to keeping up with you this way.

  2. Heidi

    My oldest boy says you can rhyme “Kevin” with ’11…not sure if that is any help…The little one could only think of “seven”…which seems about as helpful as “heaven”, but there you go…

    Merry Christmas to you and your family, Christy, and keep the laughs coming!!

  3. Nancy

    Merry Christmas Christy! I feel as if you are part of my family! Here’s to a great 2011, regardless of a rhyme. Travel safely!

  4. Shawn Cooke

    Eleven is not an easy word to rhyme. Dimension? Dissension, depression, exception? Gelatin maybe? Just keep doing what you’re doing Christy. I enjoy your writing. And my advice…just be yourself. Eventually our kids realize we are just normal, flawed human beings, and you need to realize it too. In the end, they belong to God, not us.

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