What’s Your Story?

This is not my family anti-newsletter. 

I want to know about people.  All kinds of people, all kinds of stuff.  I was getting gas today and there was a guy walking through the parking lot with his guitar slung over his shoulder in a really nice case and a duffel bag.  I wanted to know his story.  Why is he in Denver, how is he homeless, what could I do to help?  I feel called to do something, but I don’t know what it is.  And then I can’t help but think it’s by the grace of God that I’m not walking along the side of the road in San Diego with my guitar and all my belongings.  (I’d be homeless in San Diego)  That and the fact that I’m tone deaf so I wouldn’t have a guitar.

Then I saw two women, girls really, pushing a baby stroller with a case of diapers on top of the stroller.  Where were they going, how far away did they live, should I have offered a ride?  We’re having kind of an Indian summer here in that it was 65 degrees but, really, where are these people going?  What was their story?  Maybe because I’m so open about my story, I think other people should be too, but surprisingly most people aren’t. 

I feel like I should have a larger purpose in life, but I don’t know what it should be yet.  How can I be almost 40 and still a work in progress?  Yes, folks, we’re almost to my year-o-birthday where I turn 40, six months away almost to the date.  You might hear a little about it because that’s what I do. 

I have noticed that the closer I get to 40, the younger it sounds.  I remember being a kid and thinking how OLD that sounded.  You might know my theory that I got off a birthday card, Birthdays are like periods, you don’t want to see them, but you’re in trouble if you don’t.  So I’ll take another birthday and then 40 or 50 more, God willing. 

In June, I’ll be halfway to 80 and I have relatives that have lived past 80 so that makes me feel better, but my dad died at 66, so that makes me worry a little too.  I wonder, if he knew at 40 that he only had 26 years left, what he would have done differently, if anything.  Or at his surprise party when he turned 50 that he only had 16 years left…..you get the point.  I guess no one ever knows. 

Final Uplifting Thoughts From Christy:  When my girls try to start talking about their birthdays, in March and May, I say, “Can we celebrate Jesus’ birthday first??  Come on!”  So first, Merry Christmas; and second, here’s what I pray.  I pray I make it to 40.  I pray that this is my best year EVER.  And I pray that I finish school so I can find my purpose and my penguin.  Next up is my Family Anti-Newsletter, and it will be mind blowingly funny, or just readable.  I promise.  (expectations low)


1 Comment

  1. carikelley

    Not looking forward to the family anti-newsletter at all. at all. I have no expectations regarding the family anti-newsletter at all. none. Will it be before Christmas? that’s all I want to know…

    Come on and keep posting to the blog–makes me forget that I have forsaken mine.

    and btw, is it weird that I don’t really care to live to 80? I don’t want to get old…I haven’t really planned well for retirement, so imagining living that long makes me feel a little anxious.

    Wow, you think about things I never think about…don’t know whether to thank you or curse you. lol!

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