He Will Bring you Silverware that’s Gold

Hey, where ya been?

Can you believe my nerve of posting an awesome blog about my thoughts on Thanksgiving and then completely disappearing?  How rude!  To my two faithful readers,  I’m sorry if you’ve checked here every day anticipating my next work of art.  Oh, you haven’t?  Okay then, I don’t feel so bad.

I had the best Thanksgiving ever.  And although I feel kind of funny talking about it with 17 days until Christmas, I’m going to anyway.  I had an Island of Misfit Toys Thanksgiving for people who didn’t have anywhere more exciting to go.  I love doing that because when I first moved here, I spent many a T-giving alone because I didn’t have any family here; or more likely, my dad wasn’t talking to me at the time. 

It started with inviting my friend Rhymes with Bamber and taking her away from her “two bottles of wine and a chicken potpie”; then I invited two more people from school and had a total of 11 of us around my beautiful table laughing like I hadn’t laughed in a really long time.  We had a 21 pound turkey and the most awesome sweet potatoes ever, if I do say so myself since I did all the cooking.

It was my third T-giving with my friend Heather (holla!) and her family and I like that we have a tradition.  I love traditions.  Growing up, my family always got together on all the big holidays including our birthdays and it was really special.  I love making memories with my girls.  I’ve said it before, but it truly is the family you make.  So after my awesome dinner, although don’t ask Rhymes with Bamber about how I make my stuffing, and a heated Guitar Hero session where Sunshine killed Rhymes with Schmon, all 11 of us went to the movie.  Another tradition, a movie on Thanksgiving.  The three singles and my two older girls went to see Harry Potter, and me and Rises with the Sun and the rest of the folks went to see Megamind, which was very funny.   Then home for some pie, a little more Guitar Hero, breaking out the moves on Dance Dance Revolution, and ending the night with a rousing game of Scattegories.  I was exhausted so there wasn’t much rouse.

Side note:  About 8 years ago, I got my good dishes, my China if you will, from my ex-MIL.  She bought me these really pretty blue (not my first choice) dishes from Avon, however, she only got me a set of four and there were already five people in my family.  Do you think she was trying to tell me something?  SO I had to find an Avon rep and buy an additional place setting so I would have enough for my family let alone company.  She also bought me gold silverware, yeah, you read it right, it’s gold.  Where do you even get gold silverware and isn’t that an oxymoron?  GOLD silverware?  Should it be called goldware?

Final thought from Christy: Sitting around the perfectly set table with my blue dishes and my gold silverware, I thought about getting my camera.  I thought of it several times, but I never did.  I guess this will be one of those memories we’ll just have to keep in our heads.   Now we’re moving on to Christmas where I will eventually come out from the rock I’m hiding under and do a little Christmas shopping.   It sure is dark under here; and put your hat on, my family anti-newsletter is coming soon!


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  1. carikelley

    awesome tradition…sounds like loads of fun! can’t wait for the family anti-newsletter! (Can you believe that I got one of those newsletters from a “friend” and I refuse to even open the envelope?!?–that’s pretty crappy of me, huh?)

    anyway, I’ll read yours…as long as you and yours aren’t perfect, because comparison is the death of contentment…and you know…

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