Gone Like Yesterday

Rises with the Sun wrote a paper on the Civil War and she started with, “The Civil War was more dangerous than you might think.”  She’s 10, but it made me laugh.  I wonder how dangerous she thought it was BEFORE she started learning about it.

I wasn’t involved in anything in high school.  I had a vague attempt at joining the tennis team, but I was out in the first round.   I did play softball for a really long time, but I had to quit dance lessons, no piano, and who’d even heard of soccer in 1970’s Oklahoma.  It’s everywhere now and I’ll admit that I tried all three of my girls in it to see if it was going to be their sport.  Sunshine kept complaining that her leg hurt because she hated running.  Moonshine wanted to be the goalie the whole time because she hated running.  And I think with Rises with the Sun, I was just sick of soccer at that point and didn’t give her a chance.  I could tell early though that she wasn’t going to be aggressive enough for soccer.  She’s barely aggressive enough for dance lessons and that’s no team sport, my friend.

It’s hard for all of them to find their own way and I’ve been really adamant about them being involved in something, mostly because I wasn’t and I remember what kind of trouble I got in.  But there’s a really fine line between making them get involved and living vicariously, you know?  And the line is always moving.  I see it in other mothers, but I’m sure I can’t see it in me. 

Sunshine started dancing at 5.  She took a tap/ballet class and she was so cute.  At the end of the year she did a tap dance to “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing”, our first recital.  I brought my own Coke to the recital and swayed.  Just kidding…about the last part.  Then that dance studio closed so a group of us moved to a new one that I really liked.  It started getting really expensive so I worked the front desk for a while and then I started doing their embroidery.  Then Sunshine started competitive dance and it opened up a whole new world to me.  A fascinating world just one step below beauty pageants.  At this point, she was in tap, ballet, jazz, hip hop, you name it, she did it.  And she was pretty good.  She wasn’t going to do it professionally or anything, but she really did love dancing.  She quit this year, and I had to just let it go.  She doesn’t have time with her schoolwork, drama, tennis and she wants to play softball next year. 

Moonshine started dancing at 3 and even danced in Las Vegas at 4 with a competitive group.  It was so cute and my dad and stepmom met us in Vegas and we had a blast.  Moonshine moved on to swimming and volleyball, that’s more her speed.  Sunshine danced at Disneyland, which entailed a motorhome, three adults, three children, and two weeks together for the longest road trip in history.  It was so much fun though.  We’ve really had a good time with dance.  Shelby stopped competitions around middle school because she was worried about homework and then she had trouble keeping up last year because of the musical. 

Awwwww, the musical.  I’d have to remind you of THIS POST about last year’s musical.  This year’s was West Side Story and it was last weekend.  My mom drove in from Oklahoma to surprise Sunshine and boy, was Sunshine ever surprised!  I was in two plays in the 6th grade and I even sang a solo once, also in the 6th grade.  That was quite possibly the most embarrassing moment of my life because it turns out that I can’t sing as well as I think I can.   But that was junior high; and I’ll say again, I wasn’t involved in high school.  I would have been great in my high school musical because one, I have rhythm; two, it was Oklahoma!; and three, I LOVE musicals.  I’ve probably seen every musical you can think of and love them all.  From Rent to Chicago to Oklahoma! (of course) to Little Shop of Horrors. 

And now, I’ve seen West Side Story and it was so good.  There were times when you had to remind yourself that these are high school kids.  Seriously, the only thing that reminded me was, wait, Sunshine is on stage.  She was so cute and so good and you can really see her dancing experience on stage.  She’s been dancing on stage since 5 so she looks really comfortable up there.  You might think I’m just being a stage mom, but she really was good.  I mean, she’s a sophomore, and it was a bit part, but she did a partner dance with a lift in a white leotard.  I thought that was brave for a high schooler.

Final thought from Christy:  So four days ago when I started this blog, I was going somewhere with it.  But now I’ve waited so long it’s gone.  Gone like a freight train, gone like yesterday, gone like a soldier in the Civil War, which was more dangerous than you might think.  And now we’re full circle with a big mess in the middle.


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