Happy Hallogivingmas!

Someone tweeted the other day that it was November 1st, which means Starbucks has been playing Christmas music for a whole month now.  People seem to put out their Christmas decorations earlier and earlier every year.  The end of the year is a whirl of holidays, turkey, and candy.  I have mixed feelings about Halloween.  I have mixed feelings about the Fall.  I love the fall weather, but then there’s my propensity (big word of the blog) to make bad decisions.  This year, so far so good, knock wood, and all that.  Maybe it’s because I haven’t made any decisions yet, so stay on the look out.

Back to Halloween.  I always thought it was funny that we train our children not to talk to strangers except for the ONE night of the year when we let them go to stranger’s houses and ask for candy.  My sister calls them beggars.  And I admit that when Sunshine was born, not her first year because she was only one month old, but the second one, I dressed her up as a little panda bear and away we went.  Second year, she was Marie the cat from the Aristocats.  Always warm costumes because I live in Colorado.  I took them to the mall for trick or treating when it was too cold outside.  We got lame Tootsie rolls and stuck in a crowd of people even though I’m claustrophobic.  So I’m perpetuating (new big word of the blog) the Halloween candy tradition as much as anyone.

Early in my relationship with the monkey, I saw this couple dressed as dice. I thought that was so cool. He, of course, was a buzz kill. Who knew? (sarcastic font)  I’ve always thought Halloween was just an excuse for girls to dress trashy and get away with it, you know?  I haven’t dressed up as an adult, I don’t think ever as an adult.  I had a game night with a few of my friends and said it would be cool if we dressed up.  One of them thought I was serious and she came in a costume.  Everyone else knows that you can’t take anything I say seriously.  We laughed all night about it, but she never took off that mustache. Hilarious!! Next year, we’re all dressing up.

My kids are getting older though.  And the last two years, Sunshine has gone trick or treating with Mary Jane, which she didn’t want to do this year.  How old is too old to trick or treat?  My friend, Heather, said they trick or treated in college.   Sunshine opted to volunteer at the Fall Festival at our church.  I was so glad she made that decision on her own.  She did trick or treat after, but only went to one house, and then said she felt like she was taking candy from four year olds. 

Moonshine asked me how old she had to be to dress like a slut for Halloween.  Oh, Moonshine, that convent can’t be found soon enough.  I made her dress like a cowgirl and work the Fall Festival too.  I even added freckles and a cowboy hat so she wouldn’t look cute.  It didn’t work.  Maybe I should have blacked out one of her teeth.  She wanted to do more trick or treating, but didn’t want to go without Sunshine.  Hopefully the ToT’ing is over, although Rises with the Sun is only 10 so she might have a couple more years. 

Something about Rises with the Sun.  What, you have another daughter?  I do.  Anyway, she got a cute turtle thing that she had to put together from my friend rhymes with Bamber.  It was kind of like a puzzle and RwtS thought it was so cool.  So like four months ago she asked me if she could go as a turtle for Halloween and she was going to glue that turtle figure on a head band and wear a green shirt and brown pants.  Because my friend Heather is so thoughtful, she found a turtle shell at the thrift store for $1.50.  And because I’m so thrifty and had a coupon to JCPenney, I was able to get the rest of her costume for under $10 and she can wear it again.  A little hot glue, and voila!!

And just like that, Halloween is over.  Now it’s on to Thanksgiving where we stuff ourselves full of turkey and then move to the very sad ( if you’re single ) trinity of holidays, Christmas, New Year’s, and Valentine’s Day.  March can’t get here fast enough!   And then the home stretch to my 40th birthday! *confetti*

Final thoughts from Christy:    So this was Halloween XIV for me and maybe I’m just over trick or treating.  Maybe my bad attitude has to do with missing my family or financial pressure I’m under right now.  Or that I’m alone and not where I want to be in my life.  And even though this blog is cathartic (new, new big word of the blog), it also reminds me of where I’ve been in my life, and that I’m going to be 40 and my goals still aren’t complete.  I always say this is going to be my best year ever.  And it never is, so I’ll reserve judgment on my last few months of 39 until it’s over.   It might still be my best year EVER!!


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