Staycation – As Lame As It Sounds

Staycation is really just a made-up word for people too broke to take an actual vacation.  I hadn’t heard the word until the recession and more and more people weren’t taking their yearly vacation.  I’m so pathetic, I didn’t realize people actually took a yearly vacation that they needed to skip for financial reasons.  My “vacation” always exists of driving to Oklahoma to see my family, taking a week off work to work my second job, or sometimes I would take a few days off to work on the house when the girls were in Oklahoma.   But it’s Fall Break, which is a week off and I’m off work, but still working my second job.

I did get a vacation this year.  Who could forget my YOF (or Year of Fourteen) trip I took with Sunshine.  That vacation was so awesome, it could get me through years of Staycating.  I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to replicate it.   I’ll have to try though because Moonshine wants to go to Hawaii for hers.  It will be March 2012, so I have some time to plan (read get in shape).   Halloween candy, be gone!!

I love Fall.  I think I might say that every time I start a blog, but I really do.  I went grocery shopping the other night and when I came out I could really feel it.  It felt more like winter, but I could finally feel the cold.  We’ve been having quite an Indian Summer this year, and I can see the Fall, but haven’t really felt it.  I’ve noticed a new color.  I think it might be because we change the times later, but it’s a beautiful iridescent red.  It’s amazing.  I keep trying to get a picture, but it’s not all the trees, just a select few, and I’ve been banned from using my phone while Sunshine is driving.

Yes, you read that right, Sunshine is driving.  And actually doing pretty good.  I even got her on the highway once.  However, I still have to give her the go-ahead and can’t do that when I’m staring at my phone or trying to take pictures.   The thing that actually has surprised me the most in teaching her how to drive is me.  I’m much more patient than I ever thought I was going to be.  I’m not a teacher by nature, I’m not usually patient, and I just get really frustrated.   In work situations I don’t understand why people don’t know as much as I do (which isn’t a lot).  I could never be a trainer.  I once made someone cry, but I counteract that with the fact that I also made someone laugh so hard, her water broke. 

Final Thoughts from Christy:   As I’m waiting to finish this blog, I went driving with Sunshine again and almost rammed my foot through the floorboard working my imaginary brake.  I really think I should have an additional steering wheel and brake on my side of the car.  I’m sure it’s not comfortable and looks funny, but maybe it could be like a James Bond car where it only comes out when I need it.  I’m sure I could afford that, even though I can’t actually afford a vacation right now.  I’m still staycating, and I’m not liking the word any better either.  I’ll be back later this week with a day-by-day recap of what we did during our Staycation, so you have that to look forward to!

 Happy almost Halloween!


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