Blog Issues

WordPress has been jacked up lately and I’ve had a million blogs in my head, all perfectly written of course, but no where to put them.

My two older girls and I went to the college preparation seminar on Saturday given by the Hispanic Scholarship Fund and I was NOT the only white person there.  Awwww, yeah.  And it was free breakfast and lunch, well worth the admission price of $0.  It was sponsored by McDonald’s, but we never eat there so I figured one day wasn’t going to kill us.  And did I tell you it was free?  The seminar was called Steps for Success and the English speakers went to the library, but there were classes set up for all ages of kids and the girls said they got really good information too.  Kasey even knew a couple of the girls so she was at ease with being there.

Here’s what I normally do: I sign up for something and then I try to figure out a way to get out of it until the actual event.  But this time I didn’t do that and I got a bunch of free stuff.  I’m going to have to rethink my strategy and start going to stuff.

Anyway, I have a whole other blog to discuss with a much heavier topic than my weekend plans, but that will have to be later this week.  School has started back from my one week break. It’s only day two, but I’m exhausted.

And thanks, WordPress, for coming back strong.  I didn’t want to have to move my measley little blog somewhere else.



  1. I’m embarrassed to say I didn’t even know wordpress was on the blink…that’s how neglectful I’ve been of “measley” little blog.

    and good for you, following thru with the HSF thing…I would have totally been “sick” or “busy” and missed out! Because of you, I’m going to be more intentional about finding out about college stuff for my graduating-before-I-know-it teenager. (he couldn’t care less, so someone needs to take initiative right?) Good job! Thanks for inspiring me!

    • Is he a junior? They gave us a map of things they’re supposed to do each year of high school to make sure they’re not behind. It’s mostly scholarship and grant stuff that we are going to need to rely HEAVILY on, so that’s why I’m so stressed.

      It is nice to be inspiring for something!

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