Celebrate Good Times, Come On

Around this time 15 years ago there was a terrible blizzard.  I know that because it started when Shelby was three days old.  My mom, my husband (awwww, i had a husband!), and I were taking Shelby to her three day doctor’s appointment.  We were sitting in Village Inn having breakfast when it started snowing and it didn’t stop.  There were still a lot of leaves on the trees so there was a lot of damage from broken trees and downed lines.  We were living with my in-laws at the time (shoot me now), and luckily our power didn’t go out.   The monkey had torn his Achilles while playing basketball and then again at work so that was why the hard times at the in-laws.  That was such a cross between a bad time in my life and one of the most joyous occasions in the same life.  Shelby was, and continues to be such a blessing in my life.  If you don’t believe me, just ask her, she’ll tell you.

Around this time 11 years ago, the monkey had moved out and we were on our way to divorce.  I remember it because I was taking a really important test for work that I needed in order to keep my job.  I had already failed it once and I was so nervous to take it again, but I was better prepared.   And sure enough, I passed the test.  The monkey took me out to celebrate and nine months later I had Lindsey.  I would say that this was one of the bad decisions I’ve made in the Fall, but that would be rude to Lindsey, and what would I do without her! 

The reason I’m thinking about all this is because Fall is upon us.  I can feel it in the crispness of the air, the early darkness, and the calendar.  I love the Fall.  You can CLICK HERE for my view on football so I don’t think I need to go into that again, but I do know football has started and continue my record of not watching one game.  It’s freeing really. 

This morning I had to go take a continuing education class on the previous test I had passed.  I have to do it like every two or three years, but it’s not a pass/fail thing anymore, everyone passes.  So I won’t be going out to celebrate.

We were talking at work one day about people naming their babies after the places they were conceived.  Which then reminded me of the Native American joke about them naming their children after the first thing they see.   It’s not politically correct by any stretch of the imagination, but the punchline is, Why do you ask, Two Dogs Screwing?   And that’s the clean version.  Apologies.  Anyway, we were joking about Austin and Dallas, you know the names that are really places.  And I said it would be pretty funny to hear, “Drive-in, get over here!” or “Back Seat, you get in this house!”  I mean, if you were in the trailer park, that is.

Anyway, maybe it was just funny at the time, or in my head.  I hate it when that happens.  I guess I’ll just go pick up Series 6 Celebration, um, I mean Lindsey aka Rises with the Sun, and get ready for the colder weather.  I love it.

Final Thoughts from Christy:   As for my other reason I love this season, the new TV line-up, I haven’t had time to get into anything else that’s going to take the place of LOST.  I don’t think anything will ever take the place of LOST.  I am catching up on Breaking Bad and Dexter, and I’m going to give The Event a chance, but just haven’t had time.  We had time to watch two shows this week and it was Glee and The Vampire Diaries.  I’m not proud, but if you’ve ever seen Ian Somerhalder (Boone from LOST!) then you’ll understand my attraction to The Vampire Diaries.  Good heavens, that guy is hot!  I’d celebrate with him.  Wait, too far??  I still need a life.


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  1. Heidi

    I dont have a comment on people who name their kids based on where they were conceived, but a friend of mine teaches in OK, and has had students named:

    Shi’thead (shi THEEEEED), and his sister maryjuanna (yup, not a joke),

    and i work with a guy who used to teach in crooked oak & he knew a kid whose parents were flipping through a magazine in the OB/GYNs office and thought the name “gonorrhea” looked pretty!!

    Is that close enough?? LOL

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