Who Wants a Code Name?

Do you know how many blogs I have in my head that I’ve completely perfected and then forgotten?  Yeah, me neither, but I’m sure it’s thousands. 

Last night was movie/game night with the girls.  Two of them just got home from their dad’s and that always takes a little readjusting.  He has a boat and it’s all fun times and then they come home and I can’t compete.  I should have given them code names.  The other day I was thinking about how my two faithful readers know their actual names, but since I’m related to those two people they would know them anyway.  I started thinking of faux Native American names like Lies A Lot, Cranky Pants, Rises with the Sun, and then I figured that you’re going to know who I’m talking about anyway so I’d better not make you do too much thinking while reading my blog.

I have been disowned exactly three times in my life, once  by my dad and twice by my grandma.  All three times were because of my bad taste in men.  I’ve never understood how you could disown your family, let alone your own child, but I wonder if I have a higher propensity for it since I’ve been disowned so many times.  It really would make things easier if you think about it because then you don’t have to be there to help pick up the pieces when the relationship eventually fails, which mine always did.  But it’s your child or your grandchild that you’ve helped raise.  I don’t know how you just wash your hands of it until the coast is clear, so to speak, and then swoop back in for a relationship.  I guess it’s a good thing I’m not a grudgeholder.

Definition of a grudge – a resentment strong enough to justify retaliation.

I have no answers.  Even though this was a perfectly formulated blog in my head with all the answers, I’m again mute as I sit in front of my computer.  Kasey and I are having some trouble right now.  She started a new middle school, which she loves, but she’s a little too “Ooooh, Shiny” for my liking, and I’m afraid she’s going to get caught up in the social of it and not so much the school work of it.  She forged my name the other day.  Now, to understand Kasey (or her code name, Ooh Shiny), you’d have to know me.  She is me, actually she is the me I used to be.  In the fourth grade I had to write 100 times “I will not talk in class” and on my 4th time of having to write “I will not talk in class” 100 times, I had to have my mom sign it.  Well, that seemed like it was just going to get me in trouble so I decided the better thing to do was to forge my mom’s signature.  And to my surprise, it worked!!  It had opened up a whole new world to my fourth grade mind.  I was so excited!  And then parent/teacher conferences came and I was done for.  I was roller skating on my neighbor’s driveway when my mom got home.  I can remember the feeling of dread when she pulled into the driveway and asked me to come into the house.  I can see it like a scene in a movie.  Who says my freakishly good memory is good for nothing?  Oh, I said that.

So anyway, Ooh Shiny tried to erase her forgery because she couldn’t go through with it, but the fact that she even tried completely blew me away.  Now, I have no idea why I was surprised, seriously, I’m raising me.  But I don’t know what to say to get through to her because nothing that was said to me got through to me until eventually I found that my lying was ruining my marriage so I stopped, which is funny because it was actually his lying that was completely ruining our marriage.  I don’t want her to have that life, but is she at a point that I wash my hands of it and she has to learn the hard way.  I’m not talking about disowning my 12-year-old, but I don’t know how to get her “scared straight”.  Was the school in Taps a real school?  Boot camp, military school, or can I just love the hell out of her.  I don’t know.  And again, my perfectly formulated-in-my-head-blog has let me down.

Final thoughts from Christy (still digging this):  Last night was game night, which I’ve said before isn’t over until someone cries.  We were all four playing Super Mario Bros (my favorite game!!) on the Wii.  The girls like to tell people that I needed a geek to get me through the final castle on my DS, which is true.  But you really CAN look up anything on the internet.  We can only play it on the Wii for about 30 minutes before it all falls apart and everyone starts yelling, “you made me die” or “you can’t go that fast” or “great, Kasey, you killed me again”.  And by everyone, I really just mean “Cranky Pants”.   Anyway, so we started in our family file on level seven and when we finished the castle and Bowser took Peach again, Lindsey said, “Why do we even care about that girl?”  Yeah, I have no idea, but why can’t we all get along like Mario and Luigi?  And have fabulous mustaches?




  1. Heidi

    LOL…now you have THREE loyal readers, so I want a code name too…just not one that you have already suggested 🙂

    • Heidi, thanks for taking your place as my third faithful reader! I can’t believe you don’t want the code name Cranky Pants or Lies a Lot. Come on, those are some quality names. You shall be Third Faithful Reader and I will call you TFR for short!

  2. carikelley

    oh, you make me laugh out loud!

    Don’t we always live in the moment and expect too much from it? Step back for a wider perspective–taking in the past AND the future–before reacting to the present. Oh, I’m not making any sense.

    If you could only hear the times that my boy has worried me with a bad decision when he was 5. or 8. or 12. or 13. or 15. His first of many visits to the principals office was when he was 2. *sigh* There were other visits too…in elementary school (which he only attended 2 yrs at a school!) and in middle school (another 2 yrs). Each one of those felt like the end of the world at the time.

    My wise words of the day are PERSPECTIVE, ACCEPTANCE, LOVE and HOPE. A bad choice today is NOT the last nail on the coffin. Believe the best.

    Dam, I wish I could better articulate what I’m thinking right now. hopefully you can read between the lines and glean some bit of wisdom from this rambling. and this is already long enough to be it’s own blog post and not a comment on someone elses!!

    and unfortunately I also know what it feels like to be disowned by family. and I’m still pretty sure I don’t know why my grandmother forgot my name for a significant length of time. *blech*

  3. carikelley

    can I have a code name? Like Long Talker? or Rambler?

    • I think The Rambler would be the perfect code name for you. Or God Worker or something cool like that. I could call you Explodes with Toilets but then you’d have to tell your story about the exploding toilet. Ha!

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