George Michael was Right!

NEVER have I gotten more reads on my blog than when I talked about online dating.  I think I might tag every one as “online dating”, even if they’re not.    I really do appreciate the advice I got from people whether online or off.  In fact, it’s still a little jarring when someone who I don’t know is reading my blog says, “about that match or not”, and I have to think about what they’re talking about.

I just have a couple of things.  First, SOMEHOW, my one nice guy I ever dated found my blog and actually recognized himself in the post.  That’s so weird, I thought I was being completely vague.  I didn’t even give him a rhymes with name.  He must be some kind of detective.  Anyway, he explained that he was so drunk while in the Air Force that it killed all his Christy-knowing brain cells, which was completely understandable.  I wonder how much I would have to drink to kill all my monkey-knowing brain cells.  I probably wouldn’t be sober for years.  I’m sure now that I stalked found him, he’s sorry he ever let me go.

Second, I have two jobs.  But to explain how I have to jobs I have to introduce you to Faith.  Not rhymes with Faith, just Faith.  I was going to call her Hope, but what the hell.  So Faith is my stepmom’s friend’s daughter (follow?) and I met her at her high school graduation on my way to Vancouver for the World’s Fair in 1986 where I walked around wearing three Swatch watches.  I was 15.  I wasn’t by myself, I was with my dad and stepmom, obviously.  We stopped in Washington for her graduation and then continued on to Vancouver.  The big family joke was that my dad would wake me up for landmarks and then I would go back to sleep the minute the car started moving.  As in every joke, there’s always a little truth.  Also, it drove him nuts that I would get ready for 30 minutes just to fall asleep in the car.  He wasn’t used to being around kids though, let alone teens. 

Okay, only one Swatch in this pic, but dig my triangle earrings and Lost Boys sunglasses. Dude, I would kill for those legs again.

Anyway, somehow we made it through and it ended up being a really great trip and the only time I’ve been to Canada, oh, except for THIS TIME.

Back to Faith.  Her and her family moved to Colorado some time after that, and I was always a little resentful of the time she got to spend with my dad.  I was young and immature and jealous of anyone that got to spend time with him because I certainly didn’t get to spend any living in Oklahoma.  Resentful is a strong word because she’s seriously the nicest person I’ve ever met.  I moved to Colorado in 1990, but for some reason, Faith and I never really kept in close contact, which is sad.  I don’t know the whole timeline from her side, but I got married in 1993, Shelby in 1995, Kasey in 1998, Lindsey in 2000, monkey moved out for good in 2005, divorced in 2007

Okay, so keep up, there’s not going to be any math.  I knew the day was coming that the monkey would move out for good and I would have to figure out how to support us with my income and the little bit of child support he gives.  At the end of 2004, I started throwing around the idea of moving back to Oklahoma and wondering how I would be able to live here and support the girls so they could still have a relationship with him.  I thought about getting a second job, but trying to figure out the logistics of it was impossible.  In January of 2005, I somehow ran into Faith at the stock show.  It was completely surreal.  First of all, I’d never been to the stock show even though it’s a big deal here, but I just happened to have been volunteering for Shelby’s field trip.  Second of all, she hadn’t changed a bit, but I’d had three kids by that time.  I can’t believe she recognized me.

Anyway, it turns out she had an editing job she did at home and I got her e-mail address and told her I’d be interested in seeing if it was something I could do.  Now, here’s where my procrastinating is annoying.  In October of 2005, I went for the training class and started doing this editing job in January of 2006.  It’s been a lifesaver and I’m not talking about the candy.  It’s truly the only reason I’ve been able to stay in Colorado.  It’s the reason I decided to go back to school.  And some months, it’s my only lifeline.  It’s busy quarterly, so I usually take a couple of days off my real job to make some extra money, which is funny because the money is never really “extra”, it all goes the same place and for the most part, it’s much-needed not extra.   This is what I’ve been doing the last few days and I’m exhausted.  Wednesday and Thursday of this week I was at my computer at 6:30 in the morning until midnight and I literally feel like I can’t look at another thing.

Here’s where I believe that people come into your life for a reason, a season, or for life.  I’ve had so many people come into my life just because I needed them at that exact time.  From taking care of my kids, to helping me find a place to live, to finding me in a time of need at the stock show when I needed another job, people have been there for me.  I only pray that I can be there for someone in their time of need, but I’m kind of lazy so I hope I don’t have to do too much.

Final thought from Christy (ooh, I like that):   In a strange twist of fate, Faith currently lives in Queens, New York and she’s ready for me in eight years when Lindsey goes to college and I start exploring the world and spreading my wings!  I said wings.


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