The Votes Are In!

The votes for if I should Match or not are in. All the dangling chads were resolved.  I know you were on the edge of your seat just waiting for me to tally all of the votes received. I got 4.5 total votes and 3 to 1.5 were in favor of not online dating.   The 0.5 vote was from my middle daughter Kasey and her vote doesn’t count for a full one.  I also got an unbelievable amount of horror stories.  Thanks, by the way.  Where are all the people from the commercials that successfully matched?  Are they paid actors? 

I think those dating sites are good to meet people, but it seems to me that if you’re looking to be serious with someone, it likely isn’t there.  It’s like setting someone loose on a buffet, a dating buffet.  And in my experience, guys (and I’m sure girls too) are always looking for something better so why would they ever stop.  It’s like an addictive gambler on a slot machine, the next turn (or date) is going to be THE one, but then there’s never really just one.

Okay, bear with me.  I love How I Met Your Mother.  Like LOVE, love it.  And Barney, played amazingly by Neil Patrick Harris (Doogie!!),  gave out his phone number on the Super Bowl and had a bunch of girls call.  He couldn’t enjoy it because he was afraid of what he was missing with the next call, and he never did end up hooking up with any of them.  The grass is always greener and all that.  Online dating is like crack. 

I realize I’ve just given you a bunch of stupid examples to explain something I’m sure you already understand.  This was all just really for me.  So this is where I pray that God will put the right person in my life.  And if my soul mate hasn’t died in a fire, I pray that God puts us together on His time, even if I’m in a nursing home.



  1. Hmmmm….that’s interesting…. I’ve just very recently begun the online dating site thing myself, after much reluctance/fear. I’m in a new city, so I’m hoping it’s a good way to meet people, friends or whatever…..the more I thought of it, I just thought, “Why not?” You don’t have to marry the guy or even get serious with any, but at least it gets you “out there” dating and meeting new people. If you’re safe about it, I can’t see why it’s much different than meeting people any other way? Anway, just my thoughts….good luck to you!!

    • christyd4

      KaPau, your blog has made me rethink my decision. At least I could get some (hopefully) interesting blogs out of the deal! Thanks!

  2. yayyyy…can’t wait to read about it!!!

  3. Hey! KaPau! No changing her mind! lol. BTW, if you are really just looking to make friends that share interests, is GREAT! They have a group for everything. Mind you I don’t do singles groups, I do hiking, kayaking, and other activity groups and it’s free. And meeting new friends in groups like that, you never know if you will meet someone for dating. I never have, but we did have a super sexy 20 yr. old on a hiking trip to a waterfall strip to his skivies and get under the waterfall for pics… yummy. Other meetups have been less interesting, but I made new friends, so it’s worth it. I also happen to think the gym, or some sort of exercise class is a great place to meet men. I can think of a million better places to meet men than online. But, many, like KaPau! have to do it and find out from their own experience, I know I found out the hard way. So did several of my very best friends. Good luck to whatever you choose to do though! 😀

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