Okay, it’s Time

All right.  It’s time.  I’m ready to get my kids back. 

I’m a big talker.  I talk big.  At the end of the school year, I start talking about how excited I am for my kids to spend the entire summer in Oklahoma with their grandma (and grandpa Carlos) because I’m a single mom and I need a break.  And God bless her, but if my mom is willing to put up with their moodiness, their attitudes, and their smart mouths for a whole summer, then who am I to argue.  Seriously, if they were here during the summer, they would be bored out of their minds just watching me work and go to school.  Or worse, spending it with the monkey!  UGH! 

But it’s time now.  I’m so ready for them to come home.  And by the end of this school year, I’ll be ready for them to go back.  Hopefully next year, my mom will still take them.   They have so much fun.  She takes them to the bead shop:

And they spend most of the summer at the lake on the boat:

It takes me a full school year to be ready for them to go again, and it takes my mom a full school year to recover from them being there.  It works out perfectly.  It’s (hopefully) just enough time for her to forget Shelby’s smart mouth and the fact that she made my mom cry at the beginning of this summer.  And she’ll (hopefully) forget their PMS’ing and their attitudes and the fact that they don’t take no for an answer.  And by summer of next year, I’ll also forget how much I’m missing them right now.  But I am.  I’m ready for them to come back and get a million hugs.  I’m even ready for Lindsey to sneak in my bed at night because she woke up with a “nightmare”. 

There’s, of course, the first three weeks of having to make them to stop calling me grandma, to retrain them to realize that no means no, getting them back to school, and the harsh reality that sometimes this year they’re going to have to take the bus to and/or from school, but I’m ready for them to get home this weekend so I can see how tan they’ve gotten and how much they’ve grown.

And here’s where I’m going to thank God that I have the mom I do that takes my kids for the summer and doesn’t send them back early, even if she threatens.  I thank God that they get this time with her because who knows how much longer they’ll be able to do that.  Just ask my dad……oh, wait.  If you know me, you got that.  And I pray that they get home safely this weekend and only call me “grandma” a handful of times out of habit.


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