Whatcha’ Readin’?

I always say it’s going to be the Summer of Love, but this year it’s feeling more like the Summer of Reading. Much less exciting.

I was listening to NPR years ago and the host was talking about a book convention she just got back from and all the new books that were coming out.  She was talking about how people don’t read anymore, and if parents don’t read, their kids are more likely not to read.  I got worried because I didn’t read at the time, and monkeys don’t read, so my kids were out of luck.  Anyway, I started reading and taking the girls to the library; and I found that I really enjoy reading, but I didn’t have much time when they were really young.  Then we started having one hour a night of reading time that was a lot of fun, but now I’m in school so that doesn’t work out.

I get on kicks ALL the time (click here for a example of some of my kicks).  It’s like I get a bee in my bonnet, even though I don’t wear a bonnet and I throw myself into something and can’t stop.  I can get really obsessive.  I wish my obsession was exercise, and sometimes it is, but right now it’s reading.  Like movies, I can’t think of a book I didn’t like, but I may just be easy to please.  My next husband is going to read, dance, breathe, and sleep on the right side of the bed.  My list of requirements is getting longer, I’d better stop.

I just finished reading Water for Elephants and it was so good.  It’s a period piece set around the early 1900’s and it was reminiscent of The Worst Hard Time, which I also enjoyed very much. Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong time period.  (Of course, I say that as I’m blogging in bed with an app for my iPhone.) It just seemed so much simpler back then even though they had a hard life.  Actually I don’t know if I could have survived as a pioneer wife, which brings me back to the fact that I’m exactly when I should be.

Back to Water for Elephants.  I was going to let someone borrow it but they said they didn’t want to read a story about animal cruelty so I didn’t read it either.  I’ve had it a long time.  Then I heard they were making a movie about it with my fake and much younger boyfriend, Robert Pattinson, and Reese Witherspoon.  I decided I wanted to read it before the movie comes out.  I like reading the book first, but I also like being able to picture an actual person in the role while I’m reading it.   I mostly read it before I went to bed and then I kept having dreams about being in the circus, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

In WfE (spoiler alert), RP’s character Jacob’s parents are killed and he jumps a train that ends up being a circus train.  Did you ever dream of just jumping a train to see where it takes you?  I’ll be honest, I have.  We used to hang out at the train tracks and climb on top of the trains to watch the sun rise. (I hope my mother doesn’t read this or the statute of limitations has run out for grounding).  Anyway, my ‘escape plan’ has always been to go ‘hobo on a train’.  You know, if I need to get out of town quickly.  Not now probably as I’m sure I couldn’t catch a train at this point in my life. That’s what I need to do, get in train-jumping shape!

All the books I’ve been reading this summer have either been borrowed, free on my kindle app, or gifts sitting on my shelf that I’ve been wanting to get to. My friend Heather let me borrow a series of books by Mary Janice Davidson called the Undead series that’s very funny.  Not everything I read is really all that meaningful, some of it is just for fun.  I ended up reading all 7 of that series in 5 days so you know it wasn’t rocket science.  So now what?  I need to find another book to read.  I have The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown and some others, but maybe my kick is almost over and I can move on to crochet (again) or…….I don’t know, work maybe?


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  1. gfaith

    That’s one of my favorite books (my list is a little long, but still…). I wouldn’t read it for a long time, because I absolutely hate the circus. I would sit in the bleachers when I was a kid and start to cry, because I was worried about the animals’ imprisonment and subsequent exploitation.

    I was glad I finally read this WfE. Our funny story about it is that our book club members kept forgetting the name — eventually we were calling it Like Water for Chocolate Elephants. 🙂

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