Summer Project(s) ’10

So it’s taken me a few days to get over my ego bruise of being completely forgettable.  And then I realized I’m doing some really cool things since the girls are gone.  No you’re not.  Actually I’m not, but I did rearrange my bedroom.  AND I’m going to paint it.  Even though Shelby’s screaming at me from Oklahoma to paint her room, I just did that like two years ago and my room has NEVER been redecorated.  Don’t I get anything?  Yeah, I do. 

First, I took down this picture that was above my bed:

It was depressing and I think, frankly, sending a bad message that my bed was the gateway to the Boulevard of Broken Dreams.  It’s not.  So it’s gone.  What’s also gone is a framed James Dean poster that the monkey bought me last year because he knows how much I love James Dean.  Yeah, in high school.  Early high school when my cousin Cindi and I would rent his three whole movies and have a “film festival”.  Do you know how long ago high school was?  You can ask my one good boyfriend.  He won’t remember me, but he’ll tell you how long ago high school was.  I know, I’ve got to let that go.

I got my bedroom furniture from my dad, which might seem weird, but it’s really nice stuff and I replaced the mattress.  However, it’s also cherry wood and extremely heavy.  I know that because I moved it around my small room last weekend.  I don’t have the master bedroom because it’s upstairs, and at one time it had a huge loft in it for two kids and I had the full downstairs to myself with a sewing room.  Then, Shelby conned Kasey out of the “master” bedroom and Lindsey has the sewing room, but I didn’t really want to move upstairs so I stayed.  The basement is cooler and not in a “wow, your basement is really cool” way, but in a “it stays cool in the summer” way.  Especially when my air conditioning is out, which it was two weeks ago. 

So now I’m just thinking about colors.  It’s really hard to decide because I hate painting and I’m not a finisher so I almost don’t want to even start, but I’d like a new color.  Like I said, I haven’t done anything for me and I know I’m going to have to wake up to it every day, but I just don’t know what color to pick.  My bedding is like a sage green, and I know I don’t want green on the walls but I also don’t want something dark.  Maybe I should just move on to Shelby’s room since she’s already picked out the color she wants and has barked her orders on how she wants her room moved around.  Good grief, don’t I get anything?  I told her that was all fine and good, but I wasn’t going to get to her room until she gets back and then she can help me do the painting.  This weekend I’m moving on to cleaning my office because I know there’s a desk under all this clutter, I just haven’t seen it in a while.

I have trouble sleeping.  It’s not so much the sleeping part, it’s the getting to sleep.  I’m a night owl and not a morning person by any stretch of the imagination.  Also, the monkey has been gone for over four years and I can’t stop sleeping on the left side of the bed.   You would think I’d be happy to have a bed to myself, but I’m not.  So I stay on the left side.  When I was really young and couldn’t sleep I would turn around and put my head at the foot of my bed.  It felt like  a completely different bed.  Sometimes I still do that, but I’m always on the left.  I guess my next husband is going to have to sleep on the right, is that a weird requirement?  He has to be breathing and able to sleep on the right side of the bed.  I’m easy to please.


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