Did you Know Detroit is for Lovers?

Yeah, that’s what the shirt said in the lobby of the GM building. 

I’ll be honest, I had preconceived notions about Detroit.  It’s called the motor city so I assumed smoggy and dirty.  I know they don’t have a lot of public transportation because they want people in cars, so I thought it would be totally crowded.  I wasn’t prepared for how pretty it was.  I wasn’t prepared for how green it was.  Maybe I should stop getting my city impressions off of 8 Mile, the story of Eminem.  Yeah, I watched it, so what. 

My girls and I flew into Detroit on a Sunday.  The day after the dance recital and we had to be at the airport early because Denver doesn’t have their security lines figured out and some days you need three hours to get from door to door and sometimes you only need an hour.  This time I gave myself three hours and only needed one, so we had breakfast and sat at the airport for two hours.  This is one of the areas where my sister and I differ.  I would rather sit at the gate than run through the terminal, whereas she’s a runner.  They’ve had to page her to the plane before, and that would give me a panic attack. 

So back to Detroit.  We got in safely and the first thing that strikes me is how green it is.  I mean Denver’s green, but Detroit is an older city and the trees are taller and everything was so beautiful.  I’m not saying there weren’t boarded up houses, a casualty of the financial crisis, but for the most part it was really a nice city.  There are a lot of suburbs.  I live in a suburb of Denver, but it’s a big one.  There are a LOT of suburbs of Detroit and they are a lot smaller.  One of them is only 9 square blocks, but is still called a suburb.  And all the little suburbs have a cute little main street with shops and restaurants.  

I also noticed that in the little suburbs there are quite a few mom and pop places, not a lot of big name chains.  Then my sister tells me we’re in Union country and the only Wal-mart they have is really far away.  I like that.  I like the feel of it.  I like that there wasn’t a King Soopers on every corner.  I like that we were in the city but still had to drive a while to the major shopping areas.  It had a small town feel with the conveniences of a big city not too far away.  

And they had an Ikea.  I had never been to an Ikea and if my luggage hadn’t been 49.5 pounds for the trip there, and if I had any money, I would have enjoyed Ikea a whole lot more because they have a lot of really cool stuff.  We don’t have an Ikea yet, but I think they’re building one opening next year.  And Trader Joe’s.  Can someone please tell me why Denver doesn’t have a Trader Joe’s?  Who can I talk to about that? 

We visited the GM complex and it’s HUGE and beautiful and the lobby looks like a mall.  I would love to work someplace like that.  You know, if I didn’t work at home with the coolest office EVER.  We went to Lake Huron, one of the Great Lakes.  I had never even been to Michigan so to be standing in a Great Lake that I’ve seen on a map since grade school was really cool.  I never thought I’d leave Oklahoma let alone be standing in a Great Lake one day.  It probably sounds silly, but I’ve wanted to travel the country and not get tied down as long as I can remember.  Remember, I wanted to be a flight attendant?  Anyway, trust me, I did. 

Standing in Lake Huron

Who knows where the rest of my life will take me, but I’m not going to limit myself because of an idea I have about a place I haven’t visited before.  Detroit was surprisingly nice.  And my sister’s house was so cute.  The houses are close together, but they’re these really cute Victorians.   

And they just had a patio put in with a fire pit.  We sat out there and made smores and it made me want to clean up my deck and get new cushions.  I always do that though, I visit somewhere and decide all the things I want to do to my house. 

Making Smores


Then the girls went to Oklahoma and I came home to an empty house, a broken air conditioner, and a cat I had trouble finding; but I sure had a nice vacation.


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  1. Hi, same blogger different life..:)
    Spokane does not have an Ikea or a Trader Joes either, so sad.
    And the 8mile thing…funny. I may or may not have watched an episode, or 3, of Rock of Love.
    I know, eeeww, but what can I say!

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