They Can’t All Be Stellar

Welcome to my 163rd post.  **Confetti** 

In honor of my 163rd post, which has no meaning at all, I’m going to be all over the place.  Fair warning.  I need to lighten this up since I said from the beginning that it’s not a complain-y blog.

LOST – How’s it going to end?  I’m going to start ending all my e-mails with that.  Some people have motivational quotes, I’m going to sign-off with, “How’s it going to end?”.  No, but really, how’s it going to end?  Do you think all our questions will be answered?  Will Juliet and Sawyer ever meet for coffee?  Do you think we’ll find out who David’s mom is?  Julie Bowen’s going to Hawaii on Modern Family, can’t she stop by and make a cameo as David’s mom?  Come on, people, how’s it going to end? 

I’d like to thank my cousin Cindi for getting me involved with LOST and talking me into getting caught up last September.  Then I’d like to thank Netflix for making it so easy to watch the seasons.  And finally, thank my cousin Cari for participating as much as she can in our LOST e-mails, where we pass around some ridiculous theories, but mostly, only have more questions.  You know, like, HOW’S IT GOING TO END? 

I have a FB “friend” who said she needed to join a support group after LOST is over and I told her we already had one going.  She asked for the details, and I had to admit that it was all in my head, and probably just going to be me sitting around crying.  It’s not going to be pretty.  I’m telling you right now, Darlton, my questions better be answered and Jack better not die.  Or Miles, but that’s for Cari.  Sorry, Cindi, Locke’s already dead.

This past 6 years, or 8 months for me, better not end up being a huge con by the creators of LOST to just get us to watch and then it ends Sopranos style with Don’t Stop Believin’ on the juke box at some little known Dharma station.  Just sayin’.

Oh, and my sister said I need to stop blogging and watching TV so I can finish school.  I think I should stop working too, but that’s not going to happen so I do what I can.  Shelby just said in the car that she doesn’t like being the oldest.  She said there’s too much pressure and too many people looking at her if she fails.  She broke my heart. 

So I need a lawn boy.  There are several very specific times that I HATE being single.  To recap for no one in particular, they are church events, holidays (Happy Mother’s Day!), and summer.  I hate mowing the lawn and taking care of the landscape and just wish I could afford a lawnmower, and not an actual mower because I have one (thanks, monkey), but I want someone who actually mows the lawn.  Ugh, it’s such a hassle.  Wait, that’s a little complain-y, but it’s fresh on my mind because I have to mow the grass and cut the tree today and I’m not looking forward to it.  And yes, I could have my kids do it and one of them will probably mow while I cut the tree, but I just hate all of it. 

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day and my very good friend Amber is taking the girls today to get cards.  They have a plan and my girls are so excited.  For some reason it had to be done on Saturday only.  And tonight we’re going to church so tomorrow we can take the light rail downtown early and have lunch at the Cheesecake Factory.  Mmmmmm….cheesecake.  Maybe I’ll skip lunch and just have the cheesecake.  And as long as I’m being so specific, we’re also watching The Blind Side after church and Saturday Night Live.  I can’t wait to see Betty White.

Hope you have a happy cheesecake day…..I mean Mother’s Day!  And like I said, they can’t all be stellar.


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  1. This is what I tell my oldest girl when she’s having a it’s not fair or it’s really hard being the oldest moments:
    That God chose YOU specifically, not your sisters or somebody else, but YOU to be the oldest. And even when at times it’s hard, know that He knew you could handle it and chose YOU.

    I love cheesecake.

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