You’re Welcome For What?

First, you have to CLICK HERE to get the original story of the ultimate in trash.  Second, if you’re the kind of person that would let your 15 year-old get a tattoo, move along, there’s nothing to see here.  Don’t go away mad, just go away.  We can agree to disagree. 

My daughter came home from the monkey’s, if you’re going to ask why I still let them go over there, I got nothing, and she told me that the child in question from my first blog post did, in fact, get a tattoo.  I say “child” because she’s 15, and I still consider that a child.  She doesn’t have a job, gets bad grades, got suspended for drugs, and gets into fights all the time.  That’s a child.  But it gets so much better than just a tattoo.  It’s a tramp stamp across her lower back with vines and three roses in the middle.

For my two one new reader, I’ll go back on the record as saying that I have nothing against tattoos.  In fact, my favorite tattoo story is of the woman in the grocery store who bent over and her tramp stamp said, “You’re Welcome”.  Yeah, that’s class, my friend.  And then there’s the woman that’s in all the magazines that’s completely covered and even has one on her forehead, although, that might be too much in my humble opinion, but what do I know?  What I do have a problem with is a 15 year-old getting a tattoo.  What kind of parenting is that?  You might agree, like the monkey said, that I’m out of touch with kids these days. But really, am I?  Is there a huge rush of 15YO idiots running out to get tattoos?  When did we lose control of our kids?  I’m sorry, but if you want a tattoo:  you’ll be 18, you won’t need a signature from a parent or guardian, you’ll pay for it yourself, and you’ll be mature enough to decide what you want.

Oh, it gets better, so  much better.  So this particular girl somehow was “watching” my 9 year-old because I hadn’t been specific enough that my kids are never to be left alone with her (I only said Never, and I should have said NEVER EVER), and Lindsey asked her what she wanted to be when she grows up.  She said a stripper.  Lindsey said, Oh, I want to be a teacher.  What’s wrong with people?  Why would you talk to a 9 year-old like that?  How does this girl get rewarded for her big goals in life with permission and money to get a tattoo? 

I told my girls that I want more for them than that.  I don’t want them to think that’s cool and thankfully, they don’t.  I want the stars for them, not some trailer park (nothing against trailer parks) having 15 kids with 14 different daddies (one guy might stay and have two).  What’s wrong with goals and hopes and dreams and how does this poor girl think she’s going to survive when/if she finishes school?  Shelby was upset tonight because she has a C on her midterm.  It’s only one and she can make it up before the final, but she was really stressed out about it.  That’s all by the grace of God, because apparently I could have an almost 15YO that’s begging me for a tattoo and gets suspended all the time, instead of a great girl who stresses about her grades.  I should go hug her again.

The monkey called me today, because that’s what he does, and he told me how thankful he was that our girls are turning out so good, and I thanked God I got out when I did.  Just kidding, but I did thank God.  I thanked Him for providing for us and I thanked Him for giving me the patience to raise them on my own and I thanked Him for the strength it takes to raise them on my own.  And as I work two jobs to support them and am exhausted, I thanked Him that I have two jobs to support them.  And I continue to pray every day that the influences of that house over there and the 15YO stripper-in-training with the tramp stamp can’t break through His shield of protection, because I can only do so much.



  1. sherav

    I am a heavily tattooed enthusiast and have large sections of my body tattooed.

    That said I was fully aware that my tastes would change as I got older so I waited until my late 20’s to settle on what I wanted. Yes I am heavily covered (I keep hands face neck clear for my employment – but as I say to the younger generations, make these choices as an adult as it is permanent and a lot of years of regret otherwise).

    To be tattooed at 15 is just wrong there is no excuses either by the child tattooed, the artist doing the tattoo (they should have cared enough to check for ID) and the parent(s) if they were aware that their child was going to do this.

    The thing that concerns me most is that the girl should see about getting some blood work done to ensure she did not pick up any Hep etc.

    Take Care

    • christyd4

      Thank you, Matthew, for you perspective. Again, I have nothing against tattoos, but not for children. And especially not for children that have the potential to influence my children. This girl is the daughter of the woman my ex left me for and her mother took her to get the tattoo. Again, thank you for the comment. Christy

  2. gfaith

    I have a similar experience to what your last paragraph describes — while I’m fighting fear about not having a full time job yet, I’m thanking God that I have time to explore a new neighborhood. And while I’m worried about not getting my own place soon enough, I’m thankful that I have a place to stay at all, let alone with a dear friend and her family.


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