So Long New York Saturday

It’s Saturday, and we’re still in New York.  I LOVE New York.  Have I said that yet?  I will live there before I die.  I just hope I don’t die for a very, very long time because that’s probably how long it will take me to get there. 

Linda left early Saturday morning and our plane didn’t leave until after 5:00.  We arranged to have the room until 3:00 so we could do some last-minute sightseeing sans luggage.  Shelby’s ready to go in our matching shirts: 

I think our first stop was to get souvenirs from the M&M store and $24 in peanut M&M’s that I could have gotten at Target, but whatever.

PERFECT for Shelby!

Then we went to the biggest Toys R Us I’ve ever seen:

Yeah, There Was a Ferris Wheel Inside

An Action Shot in our Matching Shirts

Then I had to get a picture of Shelby and Geoffrey.  She was mortified: 

We were on 42nd and 7th in Time Square and had to get over to 36th and 9th without our Metro card because it expired on Friday and we hadn’t taken a cab yet.  I stopped to get my phone to make sure I knew where we were going, and Shelby held her hand up….poof, there was a cab.  It was a mini-van cab and it happened so fast.  We jumped in and I told him where we were going and then I had the most terrifying five minutes of my whole life.  I have no idea how people drive in that city, but they somehow manage.

Shelby in the Cab

We had lunch at Burgers and Cupcakes.  What a great combination, and it pretty much speaks for itself!  The cupcakes weren’t NEARLY as good as Crumbs, but we still got cupcakes to go.

However the cupcake wasn’t enough for Shelby and she wanted one more trip to Pinkberry.  It’s frozen yogurt and I didn’t like it very much, but Shelby really did so we got her a yogurt and took it back to the hotel to finish our packing.

Last Time in the Hotel

Then the next most terrifying moments of my life happened.  It was in the form of the Super Shuttle that was taking us to the airport.  Another New York experience and our last one.  I’m so sad to be going home, but I miss Kasey and Lindsey like crazy.  They had a great time with grandma and grandpa, but I was excited to see them.  We got through security at La Guardia with no problem (or line), which makes me wonder what’s wrong with Denver.  Our plane was on time, and away we went.

Good-Bye, New York

We got on the plane with our shirts and the flight attendant said how funny it was that on the plane from Colorado to New York, everyone is wearing I Love Estes Park shirts; and on the flight from New York to Colorado, everyone is wearing I Love New York shirts. We fit the part very well. 

I’ll be back this weekend for my last blog about little things I’ve forgotten to mention like the fact that we saw Angela Lansbury, who looked fabulous, at Promises, Promises.  And then you’re free from hearing about my trip ever again.  You know, unless you ask me about it and then I won’t shut up.  I loved NEW YORK!!


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  1. gfaith

    C – I have to tell you I have loved reading your blog uploads of the day-to-day adventures in NYC. Also — your time to move here will be shorter than it seems. I first thought that I’d want to live here in 2001. I began realizing it could be possible in 2005. Five years sounds ridiculously long to wait, but I had things I needed to take care of after my friend died in 2004, and I just needed to wait until the time was right. Honestly, I cannot believe I am actually here. I don’t know how long it will last, but I just know that it is HERE NOW.

    I hope you will LOVE driving here. I really do…a LOT. But, then I love driving in Tijuana as well, and there is little difference. It’s a real, take charge and be-the-person-you-want-to-be experience. While I look out for myself on the road, I’m also happy to be kind to other drivers — I don’t wish to turn into an angry driver — I just have a fun adventure every time I get behind the wheel, even when I get lost.

    much love to you and yours. You always have a place to stay here (you know, once I get one and all….) Gfaith

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