Welcome to New Jersey Wednesday

We wanted to go into the Statue of Liberty.  When I went in 1997, it was easier.  Everything was much easier.  You could just walk in, get a ticket, and take the elevator to the crown.  Not that we did that.  It was way too touristy for us, we were cool.  Anyway, I could tell you what happened to change all that easygoingness, or I’m sure you can just remember.  Now, they only let 30 people go up to the crown an hour and you have to take the stairs.  Like 356 stairs and the tickets sell out months in advance.  We were able to get tickets into the base, but almost waited too late for that too so we had to go to New Jersey to take the boat to Ellis Island first and then the SofL.   

First, let me tell you what happened that made Wednesday a little different.  There was a bombing in the Moscow subway so the city was on a higher alert than previously.  This was the first day there were soldiers in the subway.  The first day I really saw a police presence.  And while I never felt like I was ever in any danger, it was the first day that I really thought about what’s going on in this world.  

We took the train to New Jersey:  

Welcome to New Jersey


And then the plan was to take the light rail and a shuttle to the station in NJ to get the ferry to Ellis Island and the Statue.  However, here’s the shuttle:  

Wait, where's the shuttle?


Oh, that’s right, we were there on March 31st and the shuttle didn’t start running until April 1st.  But the website didn’t say that, and there was no one to call so we hoofed it to the dock about two miles.  Then there was a line, of course.  A line outside to get to the line inside to get to the security line to get to the boat line.  We did have a timed ticket so we finally got to the front of the line, but only the first line.  

On to Ellis Island.  Standing in the middle of all that history was overwhelming. 
And then listening to the audio tour was even more amazing.  

What the immigrants had to go through to get to this country was just surreal.  You should really look up the history.  I also think, if you’re visiting New York, either get an earlier start to your day, or do Ellis Island one day and the Statue of Liberty the next because I feel like we could have spent a full day at Ellis Island.  There was so much of it we just didn’t have time to see.  

And on we went to the Statue of Liberty:

We had to put all our belongings into a locker and get in another line to get in line to go through security.  Actually we had to go through an air puffing security in order to get up into the base and then an actual metal detector.  As we’re standing in line to get into the security area, the police come into the tent and ask if anyone left a black and blue backpack on top of the lockers.  Anyone?  Anyone?  No one admitted to it so about five minutes later they evacuated the statue.  Some tool didn’t want to pay $1 for two hours of locker and we were evacuated for an hour.  Then the audio tour was already closed by the time we got up there so we didn’t get to hear a lot of the history, but it was amazing in there.  We walked up 150 stairs and got to the top of the base at the bottom of her dress. Amazing.

The museum was really cool too; but again, not enough time. And we took the boat back to Battery Park in New York. 

Yes, I was THAT Mom.


We took the subway back to the hotel and got ready for the best night EVER!  Why, you ask?  Actually, you don’t ask anything, you just read.  Nathan Lane and Bebe Newirth in The Addams Family:  

Side Bar: I got tickets to The Addams Family before I left, but it was for Thursday, March 25th. Wait, but we arrived in New York on Friday, March 26th. Yeah, I know. I got the tickets for the wrong date. I almost threw up when I realized it and then I called Ticketmaster and begged for them to exchange the tickets. They couldn’t find another date, but over my crying he did say he’d refund my money. I know people hate Ticketmaster, but that guy saved my vacation.  

When we got there, we were able to get tickets to the Wednesday night previews of  The Addams Family and they were great seats and it was an awesome show.

Nathan Lane is amazing and Bebe Newirth as Morticia was perfect casting. 

Shelby's Waiting for the Show to Start


We sat in front of the most stereotypical New Yorkers that were loud and boisterous and laughed so loudly it was almost startling.  We chalked it up to another New York experience.  Back to the hotel for more House Hunters and sleep.  Awwww, precious sleep.  We were constantly on the go.  I don’t know how long you have to stay in order to be able to do things more leisurely and not so frantically.  But we were constantly on the go.  The joke was that we’d need a vacation from our vacation and I really did.


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