Tim Burton Tuesday

I’m all over these blogs.  Of course, I’m having to go through pictures to remember what we did each day.  Let me tell you about the pictures really quick.  We got back from New York and Shelby had been the primary picture taker with the point and shoot camera while I had the big camera that was my dad’s.  Shelby went to show grandma her pictures and there were only 11 on there.  The rest had been deleted somehow.  Tears commenced.  It was terrible.  So I googled how to recover pictures from an SD card that had been deleted and for $39 you can download a program to recover them.  Tears stopped and the recovery process started.  Well worth the $39.  The alternative was no pictures and then where would my blog be.  

Let’s move on to Tuesday.  Day three of the rain, but I can see an end in sight.  It’s our last day of museums and to be honest, I’m a little museumed out at this point.  There’s only so much you can see even though all the history was so amazing.  It’s also really hard travelling with someone else and pleasing everyone.  My stepmom met us in New York and it was her first time in the city.  NYC was outside of all our comfort zones and while she was having a good time, there was a lot going on in a short amount of time.  And it’s also hard to please everyone, but it was Shelby’s trip.  Tuesday we went to the Museum of Modern Art, the MoMA, and Shelby wanted to see everything.  Linda wanted to see Monet’s Water Lillies and Van Gogh’s The Starry Night and then go to Macy’s. 

Monet's Water Lillies

Van Gogh's The Starry Night from 1889

There was a Tim Burton exhibit there, but our tickets for that weren’t until the afternoon and it wasn’t Linda’s thing (completely understandable).

This is the first day we split up.  Linda went to Macy’s (I didn’t get the shopping gene) and Shelby and I went to lunch at Burger Heaven:

On the way back to the MoMa, we found this: 

A City Oasis

We didn’t see it the first time we walked by it because it was just a little park where people can go and eat their lunch in the middle of all those buildings.  It was beautiful.

Then back to the MoMA to see more art and the exhibit: 

Entrance to the Exhibit

Tim Burton is incredibly talented, but I don’t know if I’d want to be in his head for any amount of time.  

We had time to go back to the hotel after the exhibit and get ready for our play.  This was the only play we saw and it was really good.  It was The Miracle Worker with Abigail Breslin and Matthew Modine.  It was in the round and really a unique experience.  The play closed shortly after, but we thoroughly enjoyed it.  

The Miracle Worker:

On the way home this night we stopped at Auntie Annie’s for a pretzel.  You can seriously get any kind of food you want at any time of the day or night.  And when they say it’s the city that never sleeps, they weren’t talking about our hotel room, because we were out!



  1. Thanks for the tip about the deleted pictures, that’s amazing.

  2. Sister Sherri

    Thanks for giving me something to read at the DMV. Great stories!

  3. carikelley

    Although I don’t have a strong desire to ever go to NYC (I’m weird, I know), I’m thoroughly enjoying your trip vicariously!

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