Monday at Another Museum

We found a new place for breakfast. It’s called Hot and Crusty, (Not just HOT, but Hot AND Crusty), which you wouldn’t think would be appealing, but it had the best breakfast and dessert you’ve ever seen.

Mmmmm....Hot and Crusty

Day two of rainy days. It was two of three rainy days, so another museum day. Hey, let’s go to the Museum of Natural History. Did you know there’s a subway stop RIGHT there?

Waiting in Line for the Museum

One thing you should know about going to New York is that there are lines. There are lines for lines. Like standing in line to go to another line to go to another line. I think you get the picture. Don’t go if you don’t want to stand in a million lines. And there’s a misconception that with the City Pass you can avoid all the lines. And you can avoid SOME of them because you already have a ticket, but there’s still a line of people with City Passes. Still worth it though.

Guess What We're Doing? Yup. Another Line.

We’re waiting in line to get into the museum and see the dinosaur from Night at the Museum. Why is it never set up like the movies? Oh, and you sometimes forget that people actually LIVE in NYC. There were a gazillion school trips. So you add tourists, school trips, rain days, and 2 million strollers and you get a short day at the museum, but we got to see what we wanted and had a great day.

Don't Eat Shelby

We walked back out to the subway and found this:

It was a beautiful mosaic at the bottom of the stairs. The most colorful blues. I was amazed at the beauty we saw in the most unusual places.

On we go to Lincoln Center. It was still rainy, but it didn’t stop Shelby:

Shelby at the Fountain in the Rain

Shelby looks thirsty:

We had lunch at this little diner, and our waitress was a hoot. She described herself as an old Jew and talked about how much she hated New York in the summer because everyone stinks. She went on and on about different ethnicities, and we chalked it up to just another New York experience.

We went back to our hotel to rest before our big show. This was the one I was most excited about and it was a surprise. We LOVE Kristin Chenowith. And in a one degree of separation, my sister went to college with her, like had pizza with her one night. (is that one degree or two?) Then to add to that, my friend Heather’s brother went to school with Sean Hayes. How many degrees is that?? Anyway, so when I saw Kristin Chenowith was in a show with Sean Hayes called Promises, Promises, I didn’t even have to think about it, I HAD to get tickets. And it was a surprise for Shelby.

It’s a remake of The Apartment with Jack Lemon, which I hadn’t seen; but it was so cute. Sean Hayes was amazing, although my love for Neil Patrick Harris made it hard for me to stop picturing him in it. He would have been really good in it though. But it was Sean Hayes’ Broadway debut and he was brilliant. The songs were good, Kristin Chenowith was amazing as always, and Shelby loved it.

We didn’t get to see them after the show, and Shelby didn’t get the shirt she wanted so we had to go back a few nights later to get the shirt that says “I’ll Never Fall in Love Again”. We also got these pictures:

Shelby and Kristin

Shelby and Sean Hayes

This is Shelby after an exhausting day:

I didn’t look nearly that good, and I was probably already asleep. At this point in the trip, I’m exhausted and my feet hurt. I don’t think any shoes would have kept my feet from hurting, even though my new shoes are holding up beautifully. Thanks, sis!


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