Sunday? More Like Rain Day.

Sunday was our first of three rainy days.  Luckily, there were only three because the week before there had been a lot of flooding.  We decided that the three days that were rainy were going to be museum days.  The problem was, we’re not original.  Everyone had the exact same thought.  One word:  CROWDED! 

After breakfast at Starbucks, and our “planning meeting” with our map and my iPhone, we made our way to the MET.

You are Here, at Starbucks

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the MET, is on the east side of the park and we took the subway up the west side of the park and then walked across.  Or tried to anyway.  

On the way to Central Park, we saw this:

Hello, Mr. Horse

This is what Shelby thought about it:

What's that Smell?

We actually got lost going through the park.  It’s really not that clear and there wasn’t a map that said, “You are Here”, so who knows where we were.  We did find the place where they have Shakespeare in the Park and a Marionette theater, which was a cute little cabin.  It was a nice walk, but a long walk.  That park is HUGE!

We Need to get to Those Buildings

Shelby’s in Central Park:


Anyone want to play at the Diana Ross(?) Playground?


So, finally, we got to the MET:

Stairs to the MET

Here’s Shelby getting educated:

I was fascinated by the art. Not just the art, but the fact that we’re looking at art from the early 1800’s in some cases. Like I couldn’t stop talking about it. So much so that Shelby probably got really tired of me talking about how fascinated I was and telling her the dates of stuff we were looking at. 

We left the MET and went back to the hotel for a nap and to get ready for our first show:

Chicago with Michelle Williams

It had Michelle Williams from Destiny’s Child as Roxie Hart and it was really good. I hadn’t seen it on stage before and it’s different, but really good. You really can’t beat the music. 

Then you know the drill, back to the hotel for House Hunters, House Hunters International, and turn it off before I get hooked on the next show. I’m exhausted!


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  1. I am so loving this daily wrap-up of your trip. What a great memory for you and your daughter. I just love YOF idea and so want to do something similar with each of my daughters, but I need to seriously start planning right this minute. I have been wanting to just do a DAY out with each daughter and am having trouble just doing that..ugh!

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