Travel Day

My next YOF is with Kasey, and she wants to go on a cruise to Mexico to swim with dolphins.  I’d better get to running if I’m going to be in bathing suit shape.  I have two years.

Shelby wanted to go to New York, so to New York we went.  I didn’t start planning as soon as I would have liked to…let me rephrase that, I started planning it, but I wasn’t able to pay for it until I got my taxes back this year.  I wanted to get all of our play/musical tickets before we went so all I would have to pay for would be food and souvenirs.  Shelby took $100 for her own souvenirs so my biggest concern at the time of the trip was paying for food.

The problem was I almost waited too late to get a good deal on plane tickets.  I could have gotten a better deal, but I needed to get my plane tickets farther in advance.  I was a slave to my tax refund and they don’t care about my timeframe.  I also wanted to get a straight flight so I would spend as little time as possible on the travel to get there, but Southwest doesn’t fly non-stop so I had to go through Frontier, which is more expensive.  AND I had to pay for baggage.  By the time it was over, I should have just gone with the layover and not paid for bags.  What a mess.  Can you imagine having to pay for carry on luggage like Spirit Airlines is trying to do?  No thank you, but I digress.

My work had a discount on a City Pass for New York City, which I actually didn’t know about until my boss told me she was going the exact same time and did I get a City Pass.  I thought it was discounts on tickets to touristy things, but it’s the actual ticket to the touristy things.  When I went to NYC in 1997 with my sister, she didn’t want to do anything touristy and she wanted all our pictures to be candid and not posed. Love you, Sherri!  Anyway, it was tickets to the Empire State Building, Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), Natural History Museum, Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET), either the Guggenheim or Top of the Rock, and either the Statue of Liberty or the Circle Line boat tour.  AND Shelby still qualified as a child so her pass was even cheaper.  We used every one of the tickets and I feel like we really got a good deal.

Shelby with her City Pass

I was thinking about this last night and I think I’m going to go day by day. Not JUST to completely bore you, but also so I’ll remember what we did. This is the closest thing I have to a journal after all.

Let’s call this one travel day, and you can just assume it was terrible.  Not just because the Denver airport is a nightmare, but also because Kasey and Lindsey were flying out earlier than Shelby and I, and Frontier wouldn’t check our bags that early.  Shelby had to wait with them while I took K&L through security.  BUT when I got to the front of the security line I found that my boarding pass hadn’t printed because we were out of paper.  So back to the ticket counter I went.  It was terrible.  We got to the gate with only a few minutes to spare.  But that’s not all.  Then I had to go back to get Shelby, who was waiting by the ticket counter, we had to stand in another line to check our bags, and then go BACK through security.  If you’ve ever flown through DIA, then you’re probably feeling me.

The flight wasn’t bad except it’s always bumpy in or out of Denver, but Shelby and I watched a couple of episodes of Glee that we’d downloaded.  Good grief, I love that show.  I could do a whole blog on Glee, but I won’t right now.  Anyway, we had to wait for my stepmom at La Guardia.  Oh, I forgot to tell you that they boarded everyone very quickly onto the plane only to tell us we’d have to sit at the gate for 40 minutes because of wind.  Ha!  Why even let us on the plane?  I was perfectly fine sitting in Paradise Bakery.  So we found the food court at La Guardia and waited for Linda and FINALLY got on the Super Shuttle around 8:00 pm.  Now, I’d been at the airport since 5:45 am, so i was pretty exhausted.  However, the Super Shuttle woke me right up zooming through the city streets of Manhattan.  I’m glad it was in the dark so I couldn’t see how we almost died.

Our hotel was on 40th and 8th and Time Square is 42nd and 7th, so we were really close.  We stayed at the Sheraton Four Points and it was brand new and beautiful.  And also down the street from a porn shop.  In fact, you had to walk down a pretty creepy staircase next to it in order to get to the subway.  Luckily, the windows were blacked out.  You could tell what  it was, but we never felt unsafe. 

This was the 2nd Bed

That was Friday and we were finally there. I can’t wait to finally start sight-seeing!!


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